Emotional Wisdom

8 o’clock

Main Purpose:  Where you work to unify yourself and bring about conscious well-being.



August 22 – September 21


In Cosmic Astrology Virgo is the sign of Inner Alignment. It is the last of the three signs that encompass the emotional body, representing the Wisdom flame of the tri-fold heart. . Conscious well-being is achieved when mind, heart, body and spirit are in balance.This is not possible without the practice of emotional wisdom, which leads to the emergence of trueintegrity. In this aspect of your energy field you learn to look inside for excellence instead of ‘out there’, through practice, purity and applied discipline.  This is the birthing of the true Master Healer/Teacher, which is the natural result of a well-balanced fully aligned individual. The Virgin gives way to the Master Healer, much as the Virgin Mother gave birth to the Christ.


Virgo is the 8 o’clock hour on the cosmic clock, which corresponds to the 1st house of the birth chart. The connection here is easy to understand. The 5D human is fundamentally involved with the self as a four body system. Carefully tending to your own well-being is a great service to humanity. Well-being generates full functionality, which in turn helps you to know your own capacity fully. This eventually facilitates the awareness that all you are lies within, and every answer you need is contained in your own heart.


Wherever you find Virgo in your birth chart you are working to bring about reunification to facilitate the fullest expression of who you are and what you do.  Here you learn to value every part of yourself, particularly the parts you have trouble embracing. If Virgo is your Sun sign, you have chosen to devote your life to personal mastery by carefully tending to your own wellness. Any imbalance, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual can be the vehicle for learning to heal your Self. This in turn becomes the Truth you can teach by example.



Famous Virgos


Michael Jackson, Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Agatha Christie, Warren Buffet, David Copperfield, Greta Garbo, Amy Winehouse, Stephen King, Ken Kesey, Peter Sellers, Oliver Stone, Charlie Sheen, Mother Teresa, D.H. Lawrence, Van Morrison, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Queen Elizabeth I, Lance Armstrong