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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Aries
  • Moon enters Taurus: 2:30am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 2:30am
               Mercury Turns Retrograde

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Did the Venus Eris new cycle manage to wake you up further yesterday? I'm conscious of the fact that the new virus is changing everything. If that doesn't wake us up, I am powerfully unsure of what will. There are no real answers, yet. The moment we feel we know something about it, the facts change. It began in China. Certain exotic animals may be involved. No one knows how it spreads. People are popping up everywhere on the planet with the virus, people who have been nowhere near China. I believe we are dealing with the effects of climate change, and this is just the beginning. It's the beginning of this pandemic, which we don't know too much about where it will go. It's the beginning of a multitude of effects that climate change brings. It's too late to avoid them. We may be able to find ways to overcome, but we have not managed to wake up in time.
Still that's okay. It's all perfect. I personally take great comfort in the fact that Arcturus is present and very much a part of the power crossroad of which Venus Eris is a part. Arcturus is the part of our consciousness where the breakthroughs exist. Somewhere in our consciousness, in the consciousness of a certain part of humanity, the cure... the solution... the way out of this nightmare exists. We have to trust it. And with the assistance of Cosmic Consciousness, we can see, very plainly, that the breakthrough is already with us... it is part of the crossroad we are in.

No one will deny that we are at a major crossroad. It includes two major Light Bridges. Astraea/Pluto, which is delivering us all to a divine feminine empowered new state of being. And Venus/Eris in Light Bridge with Haumea/Arcturus. There is plenty of awakening on tap for the realization of how to survive in these new environmental circumstances.
Venus is going to move on, but the other planets inhabiting this crossroad will remain in place long term. This is a major crossroad that will deliver us all to a new world. We must cross the Light Bridges, in the transcended state, if we are going to come out completely unscathed. One thing is for sure: we will be all right.
It's important to believe that, and also to make sure your words are impeccable... especially the ones you speak to your Self. There's a big difference between "I want" or "I need" and "thank you".. We speak to our Selves more than we ever speak to anyone else on the planet. Pay attention to your inner dialog and work to fill it with Love and gratitude for your Self.
To that end, Mercury is retrograde, offering all of us the chance to get this right. Mercury is the ONLY retrograde planet at this time, and when he goes direct on March 9, we will be without retrograde planets for another 3 weeks.  Pay attention to your words, your thoughts, and endeavor to channel them through your heart. Make your words loving.
Mercury has two resources today... to Quaoar and to Uranus. These are two aspects that can help us think WAY outside the box. They can deliver us to a new way of thinking. And new thought manifests an entirely new world. Take advantage of these resources today, and please, please, please, stay with the Light Bridge of your choice. Make good use of those bridges. They lift us up above the duality and show us in no uncertain terms that everything exists and it's all good.
Those Light Bridges also serve to download us with consciousness on a constant basis, whether we realize it or not, and so it becomes important to remain open to whatever comes.


"The world is the projection of your Self. The world cannot be transformed till you are."

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