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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Taurus
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  • Moon Void of Course: 10:50am – 3:41pm
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 Sun Venus Inferior Conjunction

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And here is the latest Cosmic Consciousness from Stephanie, Shelly Leal, Jan Finley, Leah Henningsen and Vivian Small!

The Black Moon is still intersecting with the Haumea Eris Light Bridge for the second time in a week. She is busily bringing what is shadowy and hidden to light. As strange as things are, the outcome promises to be fortunate in the end. Today also features the Sun Venus inferior conjunction that marks the mid point of the Venus retrograde cycle. It's an important moment for the most personal experience of Love and sharing. The Divine Feminine has been recollecting all her once-shattered pieces, and this conjunction today takes that process to the most personal and individual of levels.





Venus is not just coming together with the Sun today, she is moving toward the second of three bridges with Uranus (exact on October 31 at 5am EDT). All of this is waking the heart to new horizons. Set against the backdrop of shadowy, polarized stark black and white 3D experience, there is really nothing but shining Light and awakened consciousness that comes out of all the important bridges and Light Bridges that are activated now. All that's required to access that positive perception is the observer's view.
The inferior conjunction places Venus in between the Earth and the Sun as she aligns with the Sun. This can only happen when Venus is retrograde. The heart and the consciousness are turned inward, or toward Source (which are actually the same thing, when you get down to it). This conjunction begins a new cycle of heart centered awareness that comes out of the Truth that is revealed by the Light AND the Dark interacting with one another.
This inferior conjunction occurs in Scorpio, sign of alchemical physical Love. In Cosmic Consciousness, physical Love speaks to our Love of the planet, and to everything we manifest into the physical world out of Love. There is also a certain degree of alchemy, that is turning what is not love into Love. Whatever begins today along these lines starts something big and important to the world.
Before I offer up Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Sun Venus conjunction, I want to print an experience reported by Jessica Russell when she experienced the Jupiter Sedna Light Bridge yesterday. This Light Bridge is still active today and tomorrow...
"In the Jupiter-Sedna light bridge, I feel uplifted and surrounded by the gift of the ether: the Akashic records. They are now entering our consciousness and igniting the third eyes of those that are meant to bring this consciousness to the masses in some shape or form. The voice of feminine preistesses, shamans and moonlight dancers is being returned and made known to anyone that can witness and hold the space. All ego problems are trumped and ultimately overlooked by the overwhelming power of the energy available to find stillness, unify, upgrade our connection, channel Sedna's light and transcend. It is a necessary point of connection and initiation for the ultimate gift that is about to be bestowed."
Also, I wanted to offer up an exercise delivered to me by Jerilyn Grace Morris, a faithful reader, which she came across and realized was powerfully worth sharing.
'The vagus nerve discussion caught my attention!  We have been working with it in yoga; very simple movements can reset it, and it is very helpful to the nervous system.  I seem to wear my nervous system on the outside of my body, so am always receptive to any help in this area! My yoga teacher caught an online video about this technique, from a book called Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve by Stanley Rosenberg.'
"Lie flat on your back, knees bent.  Raise your arms up and then clasp your hands and rest your head in your hands.  Look up at the ceiling and take a deep inhale/exhale.   Inhale, and look to the right, with just your eyes.  Keep your nose pointing up.  Either swallow big, on purpose, or wait for your automatic response to sigh, yawn or swallow.  look back to center, and take a breath.  Repeat by looking left, with just your eyes .Swallow  or wait for your response.  Look back to center, and take another deep inhale/exhale.  Very simple!"
I just know there are some of you who will benefit greatly from this exercise. Please do share your experiences..
And here is Ellias' meditation for today's Sun Venus inferior conjunction, reprinted with is permission from his book Star Sparks...

  Scorpio 4:  A loud roar as a tornado approaches.

                "Some of us are warned ahead of time whenever major changes are in the wind. We become as shaken by the vision, the premonition, the foreshadowing, as we might be by the bare stark event itself. And because that voice is inside, and what we tune into is sharply outside, what develops here is a supercharged dialogue and polarity between the one who sees so deeply and feels so much and the one who is trying to get along in the world without completely engulfing every situation with suspicions and doubts, fears and hopes, inklings and overwhelming hunches and [unconsciously] probes into the vast unknown.
                We are here saturated with dread, with anxiety, with apprehension. We also have our moments of experiencing the ecstatic flow of infinite possibility. But we keep being drawn to the negative, to the sense underneath of wanting to ward off the worst. There is a fundamental feeling tone of getting ready for the inevitable and of bringing the self to meet tragedy and heartache, collectively and personally.
                The shadow vigil is not something we make up. It is not just our own gloominess and negativity. We are being shown the places others miss and we are being asked to stay tuned to these and to be aware, be alert, be in the spit for whatever might arise. And as we get into this stance, it may be too much to bear, but what we are being shown is vital to grasp, crucial to become a conduit for, even if we might become greatly darkened in the bargain.
                Sometimes there is a real need for the one who can refuse to smile and go their way, the one who is haunted by the gnawing feeling that life doesn’t have to be like this and we are going to have to wake up here sooner or later. And perhaps the one who takes on such a scapegoat function over-identifies with the dynamics of disturbance and dissonance. Yet when we have dirty work to do, those who can get dirty and keep their eyes open can be invaluable correctives."
WHOA... It's definitely time to tune into the wind, or the ground, or the universe.. whichever speaks most loudly to you. Change is upon us, and only those most open hearted and filled with faith in the divine perfection of it all will manage to remain safe and undisturbed by it all.
“A lighted lamp does not need 
another lamp to illumine its light. 
So too Atman Knowledge needs 
no other knowledge to know it.”  ~Sri Adi Shankaracharya
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  1. OMG! Stephanie, THANK YOU for sharing Elias’ reflection on Scorpio 4. THIS IS ME! I woke up yesterday morning with the feeling of death. I felt nauseous, dizzy, chilled to the bone. I forced myself to get out of the house and regretted it the moment I stepped foot into “the world.” I completed one quick errand and then came home, called in sick for the day and SLEPT for 4 hours. I then lay on the couch the rest of the day moaning, “I’m dying,” and asking the question, “What is wrong with me? Am I depressed? How will I ever function in this world? How could I ever have a “real job” if this is the shit that happens to me periodically?” Etc. etc. etc. You know, all those non-loving things we say to ourselves when we are not in control.

    In your sharing of these words, I feel great comfort. THIS IS part of my purpose and my mission – to “see, hear and feel the cries of the world.” As Elias said, “the roar of an approaching tornado.” The challenge with this gift is it makes it impossible to function in the so-called “real world.” This is where I get stuck. No one (that I’m aware of) gets paid to “see, hear and feel the cries of the world.” Linda Johnson said it best: “Lauri, you are a cave dweller, a student of ancient knowledge and wisdom, the beauty who lives in a gray castle, the scribe in the library making her own verse. You sojourn to the dark places because you have eyes to see the light held within.” THIS is all I really want. To be in my cave with people seeking me out for the wisdom and knowledge I hold and in doing so, giving them the tools that will support them in moving through their own darkness so they can find the light.

    1. Thank you, Stephanie, for Elias’s meditation. Oh my, did it hit home! Thank you, Lauri, for your insights as well. I felt the same yesterday….down to the dizziness and slight nausea. I’ll add double vision to that, as well. For me, it felt like moving slowly through fog, almost industrial fog (like the gray, gritty fog of Dicken’s London). There was a heaviness, an oppression that I could feel on my skin and in my outer bodies. I know what’s happening on the planet. I know what the Sacred Feminine is doing right now. I know I signed up for this and am in it to the depths of my Soul. I just couldn’t shake this….depression….is all I can name it…..even whilst sitting on the observer’s perch. So, instead of trying to banish it, I realized that this was something that I had to sit with for a while. I made pots of Sleepytime Vanilla tea and read and allowed the fog to do what it needed to do. It moved on as quietly as it showed up. We both accomplished what we needed to. Whatever that was.

      Thank you all for your insights. You allow me to feel not so crazy.:) And thank you for the Vagus nerve meditation!

      Brightest Blessings!

      1. Thank you Jerilyn Grace for the beautiful Vagus Nerve Reset process. A really gentle beautiful way to connect and calibrate the new frequencies in a nurturing welcoming manner. I can feel the subtle shift gentle and nurturing….

  2. WOW…….I identify deeply with today meditation. The tears are flowing and I am aware they are from a place of deep release. I AM tuning in to the UNIVERSE/Source who has been speaking VERY loudly to me and I WANT to listen now and anchor to this benevolent heart opening that is happening. I AM EXPERIENCING IT and I am so grateful. EVEN when I choose to jump off the light bridge and swim below 🙂 I can jump back on,
    as I gently remember to to get back onto the bridge……….

  3. Such powerful words. I feel as though I have just received timeless knowledge. Stephanie, thank you for sharing so much and allowing this to be a place of germination, sprouting and blooming; with “open-hearted faith in the divine perfection.” Such comfort in finding one’s tribe!

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