• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Libra
  • Moon enters Scorpio: 1:10am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 1:10am
  • 6:6 Star Gate


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The Moon moves into Scorpio at 1:10am EST, and we experience a powerful and exact Finger of God today from Mercury conjunct Pluto sextile Saturn to Jupiter, inside this via combusta Moon. I will get to the Mercury Pluto conjunction in a moment, but let’s have a little look at the planets involved in the Finger of God , because they are holding an energy that is most potent. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, and Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, are three archetypal energies that dominate the top of the cosmic clock, the place where the 13th aspect of consciousness, Opheucus, resides. There can be no mistake about this Finger of God. It is pointing to the Serpent Bearer, to the process of reclaiming the unity consciousness that we lost when we fell into duality in the Garden of Eden, to the need to rebirth our four body system, as well as the divine feminine/masculine self, and shed the skin of the old order to reconnect with the new.

Whew. It’s a huge couple of weeks on planet Earth. As we moved through Scorpio, (remember that wild and crazy wormhole?), Sagittarius and now Capricorn, we are emerging into the new 5D homo luminus we are destined to become. As we do, we reunite with the higher part of our Selves. It has always been there, but we had forgotten. As we remember, we awaken, and we move inexorably toward the One that we came from, come from, have always been.

Mercury is currently joining Pluto to form a second (or maybe exponential) Finger of God on top of the original Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto that is changing the social consciousness in each of us. Mercury informs and also recalibrates the mental body… that portion of our subtle body system that includes the new Christ consciousness.

Be open for the information that is pouring in. Today features a 6:6 Star Gate, which is all about the Divine Feminine and the power to receive and be nurtured by that energy. It does have the power to change us physically. Mercury has been realigning with Mars for years to bring about a new mind/body alignment, and that is only a part of the new human paradigm.

Next week Venus does the same thing Mercury is doing today, coming together with Pluto and adding another exponent to the Finger of God that will last into the Spring. Mercury and Pluto come together at the same degree today as the Sun and Pluto did last week (about 10 days ago, actually).. What I would like to do, instead of reprinting the same meditation for that degree (from Ellias Lonsdale) [see 12/30/12), I am going to offer up the meditation for Saturn’s current degree, 10 Scorpio, which is as much a part of the Finger of God as is 10 Capricorn. At some point I will get to Jupiter as well…

This passage is reprinted here with Ellias Lonsdale’s permission from his unparalleled book Star Sparks:

Scorpio 10: On a human nose, a wart that turns into a diamond.

”You can see right in front of your eyes that we have inherited from every past an energy pattern which is destructive and debilitating. It amounts to working the negative old forms to an extreme measure. And in the face of it, this will be our undoing, just as we fear.

Spirit rewards that which is consistent into itself, that which follows it’s connection and it’s passion wherever they lead. If we have the guts to take up shadow as our obsessive form for our lives, this can lead us to a place we would never expect to go, since doubt is clouding our vision and obscuring the path ahead.

We may turn out to be onto something here, something big. By facing the unfaceable, by perpetually confronting and being bound up with what we don’t like and want to be rid of, we can complete this path, fulfill its destiny, and not just perpetually be at the mercy of its agony and its frustration.

Everything here depends upon whether we can stay with ourselves when our own antipathy to where we are at could easily stop us cold. It’s a matter of what we feel beyond our feelings, what we believe deeper than what we profess, and what we inherit from the past.

If we actually are inspired by truth, driven by the need to be authentic, almost cauterized by the intensity of our quest to confront what is there, the entire project transmutes into its deep core value and becomes an infinite resource of being there for ourselves and our world. It is just a matter of cutting through enough layers and refusing to turn against our own unpopular and ornery style.

The [point] of the karmic battle emerges eventually and always was really sparked by love and vision. Sometimes we can’t let ourselves turn away from the foul of where we’ve gone wrong, yet with a deep we support our need to go through every bit of this, even if the passage is severe and grim.”

“Let this truth go as deep in you as possible: that life is already here, arrived. You are standing on the goal. Don’t ask about the path.”
– Osho

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