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Another musing from Vicky Lynn Macchione:
”There is more I could write about–how the serpent can represent our thoughts (perhaps even that very first thought that introduced duality), a new understanding of the Genesis narrative, the parallel between Jesus and Achilles, and so many other ideas that are popping up!

And by the way, as I was researching, I discovered that some see the glyph for Mercury as the representation of the Caduceus (which he had been given by Apollo). I read that those 2 “horns” are actually the 2 snakes that wrap around the staff. In fact, if you look at some Greek art on vases, you can see that the top of the staff that Hermes (Mercury) carries looks like the glyph used in astrology.”

You Beloved Ones are writing this column for me these days.. I am so inspired by the way our thoughts and observations are all co-mingling and coming together. This came in just in time for this morning’s Mercury Sun conjunction, which heralds Mercury’s reentry to center stage. As mentioned yesterday, Mercury and Mars are about to take some important space in the scheme of things, and with very good purpose, of course.

What a way to tie in the serpent with Mercury… that it is the symbol of the first thought of duality! Mercury, ruler of all thought and communication, and of course presider over the part of our consciousness that is Gemini, does seem to be somewhat intertwined with the serpent’s essence. The caduceus, which Mercury carries, does often feature a snake wrapped around it, with the two horns of the Mercury glyph at the top of the staph.

Isn’t it amazing how the Truth is always there right in front of us, but we see what we see and nothing more… until it is time for more to be revealed. Mercury MUST emerge now, as the serpent does, because he has a lot to give us in the way of information. He is empowered with his newly unified consciousness, (at least from our perspective), which is to say he has probably always had it, it was our lower mind that could not perceive it. No matter, we can now, or we are beginning to, and that is a most vital and valuable thing.

Mercury comes together with the Sun today at the very last degree of Capricorn. I am fond of calling the 29th degree of ANY sign the Master degree. This does not mean the 29 Capricorn is has more mastery than any other degree, only that it contains within it all that the sign can express. It represents the fullness of the sign, which offers the conscious soul the opportunity to explore all that is there to be seen.

Capricorn is the sign of the Executive Director. If it contains all of anything, it would be authority and the capacity to oversee and run things smoothly. To take charge. To be the one all look to for structure and guidance. Saturn, ever disposing Capricorn, is moving through Scorpio right now, Pluto’s sign, and a sign very much associated with both the serpent AND with the capacity to manifest the world through one’s capacity to hold one’s gaze steadily on the higher energies.

The truth is, whatever holds our gaze is what we manifest , but the Scorpio part of our c being that is conscious and realized knows that it is vital to be riveted to the higher purpose, the higher realms. When one’s vision is synched with the higher power, one can manifest limitlessly, as we are all learning.

The Sun and Mercury are also hanging out together near the southern edge of the ecliptic, where consciousness is edgy and ‘out there’ and there is so much more to be seen. (It makes me think of the aurora borealis, which always offers such a rich display of what is there but we don’t usually get to see.

As these two archetypes, the energy of higher thought and unity consciousness and the power of the conscious mind, come together at the last degree of Capricorn, there is certain to be a lot that falls right into place in the way of understanding this new inner space we have arrived at so solidly now.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 29 Capricorn, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:

Capricorn 29: An architect carefully surveying old ruins.

” He sees something. He witnesses how what once was great becomes lost over time. And when he goes into it, as he must, he realizes that there was something inherent in the greatness that was flawed. He then gives himself the task of tracking down the flaws, of obsessing upon what went wrong, and of seeking to teach himself and others, the lessons involved in the greatness that goes for a tumble and loses its glory.

This study, this research, this investigation cuts close to the bone. Just about everything is implicated, just about everybody is part of the syndrome. The further you look, the greater the evidence that falsehood, corruption, distortion of every kind is at the crux point of what has made the world such a mess. And it is very hard to believe in anything else when you fill your screen of awareness with doubts and proofs that doubt is [alive and well] and the only reasonable attitude.

Then the path becomes to begin to find an integration after empowering consciousness to take charge. This is quite a challenge. He must find proof that there is something worth championing in this world which can endure and can stand up to inspection.

Sadly, if you impose skepticism upon what is being observed, you skew your experiment to render it very hard to generate sufficient space to foster that which can reveal a whole different side to life. The only way the skeptical mind set can outwit itself in this tight [space] is if a vision is uncovered, a lost track retraced, an ancient hunch restored to the light of day. Then the one who has gone so far into the modern vantage point may be propelled beyond it, in order to see the scope and magnitude of what is really here when you strip yourself of all negative assumption whatsoever.”V=

“When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.”
– Milan Kundera

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