• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Aries: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 6:6 Star Gate



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Welcome to the second 13:13 Star Gate of 2013. The first one, on January 13th, introduced us to the raw power of 13, the point of Self, the Christed consciousness, the place where the kundalini (snake/dragon) energy begins to unleash itself and delivers us to the next dimension of our consciousness, there waiting for us all along, untapped and unnoticed. We call this new dimension Opheucus, the Serpent Bearer. It was only about a year ago that the idea of this 13th constellation was SO hard to wrap our minds around. The Truth is, it IS hard to wrap our minds around, because it is the heart that has to touch it. No other experience will yield the appropriate results.

We are aware that Mercury and Mars are involved in a very important dance with each other at the moment, a Piscean, revisioning, if you will, that allows MIND and BODY to reorient in this newer dimension. MIND is MALE, BODY is FEMALE. SNAKE is Water/Earth (Female), DRAGON is Fire/Air (Male)..

This from Jan Finley: ”It seems to me that the Serpent (ion Dragon form) would also be associated with air and fire,, making it a symbol for all four elements, and both masculine and feminine energies. This makes a perfect symbol for the new age as we align with ourselves.. How perfect.”

(What’s perfect is that Jan is a Virgo with her Sun, her identity, sitting at the top of her birth chart. It is every Virgo’s purpose to make a whole out of the parts, and to envision how that comes together, and to make it so.)

So Mercury is undergoing a major revisioning of his own, (please see yesterday’s YOU TUB offering in the Daily Weather for more on that), which is the reflection of the major shift into a new mental body for each and every one of us. This dance with Mars will continue until the Spring Equinox, when Venus will join in the fun and Grand Water trines make magic out of our newfound skills and talents.

It is getting easier and easier to embrace the new, to leave the old fear based belief systems behind, no matter how engrained they are in our Being, because we are tasting the Truth of our Divine nature, and there is nothing, nothing that can trump that. It feels so good, so much like home, that even if and when we are hopelessly addicted to the wallowing that goes on in the victim mode, it doesn’t come close to the joy and abundance that is the natural state of the higher Self. This is what we’ve been after all along, and mistakenly believing it could be found ‘out there’ in the 3D reflection.

It is within, it has always been within, and there is no experience that can match the moment when we realize this is the new reality. Let it Be what it is, and close the door on your limiting beliefs any and every time they come up. And come up they will.

That’s what this leg of the journey is all about. The Moon is in Aries today, bringing Mars, the body, action, front and center. Let all themes emerge. They are retrograde (shadow) themes. They will be revisited. Nothing here is exactly as it appears. Mercury is a major trickster. He will show you something and get you believing it. Observe but hold your judgment. For how long? Forever if you can. There is no need for judgment, blame, or doubt any more. Those energies in motion will only prevent you from having the experience of your True Self you came here to have.

These next few days are more Mercury Mars calibrations… New Mind/Body paradigm coming on line. You don’t know what it will yield. Stop telling yourself you do. The desire to understand is preventing your understanding. Your Self-Realization process, your ascension depends on your capacity to get out of your own way now.

Practice, practice, practice.

“When you welcome your emotions as teachers, every emotion brings good news, even the ones that are painful.”
– Gary Zukav

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