• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Aries: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 10:37pm - Midnight
  • Hidden 2:2 Star Gate



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What a perfect moment to celebrate Love, with every bit of focus we can bring to it. It can only serve us to bring our consciousness to the heart, to Love everyone who shows up in the mirror today, no matter what happens. Practicing Love, after all, is our new job, it’s the law of the land, and we are, for all intents and purposes, in a stretch that is very much like boot camp for light workers. We are learning to Love with our Minds at all costs, to think with our Hearts before we make any move, so that when this wave that’s building leaves the shore we’ll be fully embodying the Ones we came here to be.

Have you noticed how much more of a chore it is to stay centered in the dramas that go on all around? How much more clearly they show for the fear based reactions they are? It’s one thing to be aware that you have shifted so thoroughly you don’t live in that 3D world anymore, but that’s only half the show. As Saturn stations and Mercury slows down, it is becoming clear that those who are still in drama need our example. Think about it. When you were young, and you knew already that you were a conscious being, wasn’t there someone, somewhere that you admired for their way of being on the world? Everyone needs a mirror, a teacher, a guide, and that is, after all, what we’ve worked so hard to become.

You don’t have to stand up and teach a room full of people how to get conscious… That will never work. You just have to BE as conscious as possible. That kind of energy radiates and attracts, like a magnet. The more attractive you become, the more of an example you are. You don’t have to care but you do have to know it, because everything you do, every place you go, everywhere you find yourself is another chance to add some Light and Love to the world.

The only thing that is ever missing where there is anger, or fear, or hatred, or negativity is Love. And it is our job to add it, everywhere. No need for assessment of any situation you find your Self in. Just add some Love everywhere, any time. It will never be a problem, there can never be too much Love.

The Sun makes two aspects before it rises (on the East coast of the US), which energizes the day with Aquarian energies. Connecting with Pluto and Saturn should give us material that adds to our level of self-empowerment and inner authority. Wherever situations come up that ask you to be all that you are, go for it. Do your best not to think about it, just go for it.

Every time you let your heart decide you will find another piece of yourself. We are all preparing for the greatest expansion into Oneness ever, and while we believe we are in it now (this is just the beginning), we are cutting our teeth, and being prepped for the greatest journey we will ever take.

We have taken it before, but the great news is, we don’t remember, so we get to do it any way we want to..

“It is the time of resurrection,
the time of eternity.
It is the time of generosity,
the sea of lavish splendor.
The treasure of gifts has come,
its shining has flamed out.
See, the rose garden of love
Is rising from the world’s agony.”

– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

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