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Yesterday I pointed out the slowing of the two planets that are just about to go retrograde…Saturn in just 2 days (he officially pulls into his station today, meaning he is NOT moving), and Mercury on the 23rd of February. I want to thank Lauren Gorgo for quoting me in her column, we are most definitely a mutual admiration society… And even more significantly, I want to thank her for speaking her truth, which as is often the case with a voice that speaks so collectively, echoes a lot of people’s truths.

Many of us have been feeling the drag of 3D all month. Jupiter went direct on January 30th, leaving all the planets (all our inner archetypal energies) moving forward in direct motion without any brakes. We are extremely used to brakes in the 3D realm. There we can freeze frame anything. That is actually a big reason we came to experience that realm.. originally… to observe creation in action. But when you are the creator and you forget you are that, then it’s hard to remember what you’re looking at in a time-space continuum… too busy worrying about what’s next, or what happened yesterday.

So as of February 1st we were suddenly being catapulted forward into this new 5D realm that we have just spent lifetimes birthing. In the middle of such a huge event, it is so hard to get any any bearings at all, let alone your own… and arguably there is nothing more important right now than getting a good grip on your Self. We begin to expand and that level of expansion, completely outside the box for just about all of us, is nothing short of terrifying. We all have memories of being annihilated during moments like these. (Of course, this is not THAT, it just FEELS that way).

We are headed for a great slowdown, which is a blessing, even though it’s uncomfortable. And what’s really going on is Mars, ruler of the physical body, has begun moving through the limitless mansion of our consciousness that is Pisces. Mars entered Pisces on February 1st, connected with Neptune, Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter all by February 10th.. It’s a pretty safe bet you can’t even remember WHAT you were going through then. It took a lot of getting used to, that mode of free flying travel through the higher dimensions of your Self.

Mars conjoined with Chiron on the 12th and that’s really the energetic that is generating all the world energy that reflects the pain and difficulty we are all going through. This Mars Chiron aspect is the wound and the healing. It speaks to everything that’s been unhealed about the patriarchy.. it speaks to the end of the imbalance in the male/female energies on this planet.

We are all feeling these wounds at the deepest (and most physical) of levels, and because none of us truly knows what our karmic circumstances are, certainly not at the conscious level, we are all feeling what we feel according to our own core and very ancient circumstances. Yesterday Mars sextiled Pluto, bringing these energies to a transformational point, just in time for the Saturn station to take it all and give it meaning and significance (over the course of the next 4-5 months).

It won’t come as a surprise, then, that Mars trines the stationing Saturn today, his last realignment connection before Mercury goes retrograde next week and reconnects with Mars for the second of three times in weeks to come, and takes us back over this incredible download of energies we’ve just received and brings the clarity and understanding that only a retrograde Mercury can offer.

Don’t resist the retrogrades, they are offering their gifts and blessings, providing the opportunity to gain clarity where there is none, understanding that has been utterly elusive. Because the bottom line is, if you’re uncomfortable, you’re in your head, and you’ll remain uncomfortable until you notice is so well you decide to make a different choice. Open your heart. Let your heart move you.. Trust me, your heart is WAY more comfortable here than your head will ever be.

“There is neither happiness nor unhappiness in this world; there is merely the comparison of one state to the other. Only a man who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate bliss.”
— Alexandre Dumas

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