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From Vicky Lynn Macchione:
” I wanted to share a scenario I have synthesized … about Mercury, his meaning and purpose, and his retrograde cycle. This scenario combines Mercury as trickster and as magician. … It helps me to think of the retrograde in this way.

First, there is some kind of wisdom and truth we need to know or to remember–think of it as a picture–that Source wants to impart through Mercury, his location, his interaction with our birth planets, etc.
As the retrograde approaches, Mercury as trickster dis-assembles that wisdom/truth, making what was once a unified idea into puzzle pieces. He doesn’t want to show us exactly what we need to see/remember. He wants us to discover/remember it on our own because through the process we will grow.

During the Mercury retrograde, he reveals a piece here and there but not in any kind of order or in the correct position (think of a puzzle that you are trying to put together). During this period, Mercury wants us to observe the blocks that come up as we get the different puzzle pieces, as we struggle to understand the message.

As the Mercury retrograde finishes he takes on his Magician form and throws a cloth over all the pieces and speaks his magic words. Voilà, the wisdom and truth is now seen, known, and remembered by us in its unified form with no evidence at all of the pieces we were given. Now, we have our “Aha” moment! Now, we can see/remember/understand the message that Source wanted to reveal to us.”

Here we are in the Mercury station. The Great Messenger begins his backwards journey at 4:42am EST this morning, at 19 Pisces 52. He will take us all back over the brand new territory we have covered since February 8th, when he traveled past the 5th degree of Pisces and activated a lot of newness that has been hard to grasp and difficult to process. Hopefully you’re not balking at the need to stop making outer connections for a moment so that you can get a much better alignment with what has already happened. We need to get more familiar with this new world we have created. Whatever is manifested out of unconsciousness won’t serve us as well as what we can be conscious of.

Mercury is very talented. He’s creative. He’s a dancer and he has a very distinct rhythm. This backwards journey is a very regular bear for him, and therefore for us. So why is it we don’t seem to be able to embrace this part of the process any more easily, any time?

Mercury is VERY busy this time around, interacting with 5 or 6 archetypes, all hanging out with him here in the limitless field. EVERYTHING is here, all that we have every encountered, all that we might ever encounter. Whichever way we turn our gaze, it is not possible to account for everything, which is why the effort to do so is futile, and it is so much more important to just BE, allowing for all that comes up, without judgment or any other kind of limitation.

Limitation and Piscean energy is an oxymoron. Allowing for what is, surrender, adaptability, these are more useful qualities to adopt right now. This moment is the hardest part. The letting go of whatever you’re working to connect with in the outer world, and the turning around to face the difficult territory you’ve just come through. It won’t be that difficult this time, largely because you already know something about what is there.

There will be plenty of discussion about the different parts of our Selves that Mercury is bringing us awareness of right now, but suffice it to say there is SO MUCH to be learned, and only three short weeks to gather up all that knowledge. Forget about time, if you want to make the most of it. BE HERE NOW and time will disappear. This is how we STRETCH time, bend time and space, and make the most of any given moment.

When in the Piscean field, anything is real.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 20 Pisces, marking Mercury’s retrograde journey. It is reprinted here with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Pisces 20: A perfect black cube sits alone in the desert.

”Concentrating purposively within the core. Giving no energy whatsoever to the rest of life. But upon the task, the assignments, what is given to fulfill. Sparing no part of consciousness for anything else.

Ruthlessly intent upon pursuing what is intended in a total way. No flexibility, no fluency, no ease. Just the barest essentials, penetrated into with this fierce clarity of being that knows something else and will only intensify it’s quest and it’s striving under any and all conditions.

The hyper-specialized emphasis upon making something manifest in this world that would not be here otherwise. Monolithic faculties of putting everything on the line. Stupendous capacity for results, for doing what this frequency sets out to do.

Suffering from a lack of self-compassion, an absence of life’s graces. Given quite a deep shadow of gnawing hunger for everything denied and pushed away. Definitely forged underneath into a certain rebellion against and reaction toward the severe methods and modes of the one in charge.

Yet primarily geared for the practical and the earth-intensive gathering of all faculties for optimal effect and productivity. Brilliant in commanding as well whatever resources are needed, from any and every sphere that is most relevant and compelling. Set to the job, nothing else matters really.

The one out there all alone at their earthly outpost, asked to gather information and to stay in tune with any and every level of what is coming forth inside the collective at any time. The one who is left out there to dry-somebody’s gotta do it.

An exquisite grasp of what is here, where it takes us, and what we must do to fulfill the design. An amoral sensibility. The ends justify the means. What counts in the end is to know that you’ve done it, that the impossible was perfectly carried through.”

” Perhaps creating something is nothing but an act of profound remembrance.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

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