• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Virgo
  • Moon enters Libra: 8:02am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 8:02am
  • Hidden 2:2 Star Gate
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate



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One way to experience the ocean is to consider that she IS the void, the Divine Feminine, the limitless field from which all of life emerges. To have the best experience of this vastness, we must be in a heart-centered state of surrender, prepared to receive whatever possibilities reveal themselves to us. Even better, if we can remember at all times that we are perceiving our own creations and ONLY our own creations, we will have the experience of God-Realization in short order. There is a big difference between self-realization and God realization. We have worked toward self-realization for centuries and we are attaining it now, one by one.

Self-realization Is the awakened state of recognizing that we are completely one with Source, that is, not separate from Source, and that the world we we live in is our own creation. God Realization is, simply put, the Knowing that we ARE GOD, and therefore WE ARE THE Creator. And, since God is One, we also come to see that we Create as One. An enlightened soul may see all the nuances of difference between souls, but never has an issue with it, because those differences make for the capacity to experience Love in all its forms.

The Pisces Sun was reflected in that Powerful Virgo Moon on Monday and after yesterday’s important connections and recalibrations under that Virgo atmosphere, the Moon went void early yesterday afternoon and moves into Libra at 8am EST this morning. Libra is the sign of highest realization in the new cosmic astrology, because it is the part of our consciousness that deals with the power of being in physical form, that is, separate from each other, so that we may experience Love

That is why we did it, you know…. Separated our Selves from our Self…. So we could have the experience of BEING loved. It’s one thing to BE LOVE, another to BE LOVED. You can’t be in the state of Oneness and BE LOVED. Getting separate had its side effects, namely fear and the resultant ego experience that has been designed to preserve the state of separation out of a misguided false belief that there is nothing more (we forgot who we are)… But the highest realization we can have is that we are NOT separate from each other or, more importantly, from Source, and it is with this remembrance that we awaken.

It restores us to the Divine Feminine within, to the ocean, to the void, from which we can now CREATE an entirely new world. The Divine Mother is the birthing place, the progenitor of the Higher Consciousness, sometimes known as the Christed Self. We are all born with the Christed consciousness standard issue. We just need to remember, reclaim and recalibrate.

Today the Sun comes together with Chiron in Pisces and all sorts of healing happens, ready or not. Please note that when Chiron is at work, the more conscious you can be, the better for you. Chiron heals and realigns, that’s what he does, whether you’re conscious of it or not. But when you’re not particularly aware of his process, it can be more of a discomfort. When you apply you conscious awareness to the state you’re in , your healing process will always go more smoothly, largely because you’re helping it to do so.

With the Sun going through his own Piscean calibrations right now, and Mercury retrograding back over 5 or 6 planets moving through this portion of our consciousness, we are going to get familiar with this part of the limitless field, which can’t hurt, because limitless is limitless, and every little bit we learn about it is informative and helpful. Just don’t make the mistake of believing you know all there is to know. That is never true, and especially here in the limitless field, the VOID, where EVERYTHING exists, from the beginning of time/space to the very end.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 10 Pisces, where today’s Sun-Chiron conjunction occurs. It is reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks. Be prepared, it’s pretty amazing:

Pisces 10: An old witch on a windy promontory. She is calling to the sea.


”The greater elements cast us about in their spell of urgency, their gathering squall of the earth herself saying “Enough”. Those who are chosen to heed the signs, to feel the portents, become swept away by the tide of change and engulfed in the eddies of what always stays the same.

Having a convincing, pervasive, firsthand experience of everything raw and direct, huge and stunning. Being right on that edge where you’re the one to catch the wave, to realize what is coming and what it means to us all. Yet not being able to reveal this to others in a form they can fathom. You have to be there to know it this way.

The overwhelming surge of collective events becomes a perpetual challenge to meet, to integrate, to metabolize into a form that can be passed on to those direr and more separative. Because the messages, the omens are heavily laced with warning and cautionary indications, the conviction arises that the news must get through, but the vibrations make it very hard for others to enter upon what is being offered in any way that fits their lives, their styles, their minds, their points of view

Nonetheless, this is a solitary vigil of one appointed to go out on that edge and stay there and keep tuning in to the signs and indications. In ordinary life, this becomes a force that pulls way too hard on the heartstrings. In apocalyptic times, it is commonsensical, right on that spot, there when needed.

Inside the inside of this frequency, a far subtler resonance is alive. This involves a whispering, an interior tone that is never strident and always sacred and revelatory. When this layer is tapped, all the fireworks disperse and the only thing remaining is the grace of Divine Mothers intervening power, playing through in wondrous ways. Such a tune underlies all the huge edges all the while and is itself on the far side of the troubles. From that wondrous inward sphere, consolation and peace stream into the cleansed vessels.”

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
– Rumi

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