• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Libra: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 3:37am - Midnight



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Let’s contemplate what it means to be romping about in a limitless field of possibilities. Of course, everything depends on the state of your being. If you’re heart centered and peaceful, you’re free to allow anything and everything that shows up for you to be revealed. Revelation is frequent here, as new options occur at every turn, and you find your Self there, and there and there. With half of the planets in our soular system gathered in the Piscean mansion, which is a part of our energy field – standard issue – everyone has a Pisces sector of consciousness, the limitless filed is filled with archetypal energies that are stirring it up, giving it a multidimensionality that is brimming with new potential life.

And Mercury is retrograding here, adding yet another, inverted, backwards element to the journey you’re on. As the Piscean archetypes come together and intertwine, the possibilities literally become endless, and all you can do, all you should do at this time is to take a front row seat and watch the show. There is so much to see. Trust your heart. It won’t steer you wrong. If you’re still trusting your head, this leg of the journey may be a bit more difficult for you. It probably isn’t in your best interest to make such a magnificently intricate moment in your life and complicate it with too much thought. Better to open your heart and enjoy.

When Mercury goes direct on March 17, you’ll be left with many impressions and potential options for which direction you’d like to take. If you’re open to expansion into the newest version of your Self, that growth spurt will begin then… right around the Spring Equinox. Until then, it is a time to let go and let your higher Self reveal to you a myriad of ways in which you COULD go, if you were to suspend all judgment, all limiting belief about yourself and just Be the One you came here to be.

At this moment, here in the limitless field, we are all gathered together, learning all there is to know and more about who we are. And today we get to do this inside a void Libra Moon, which is going to feel different than most voids we’ve been in lately. Because no planet is past 20 degrees of the sign it’s in at the moment, the voids are long. And because most of the planets are in Pisces at the moment, the voids are more frequent, due to lack of major aspects made to Pisces. So it’s a void that runs from 3:30am EST all the way through to the end of the day.

Libra has long been associated with Venus, though many of you know I am associating Libra with Sedna these days, and Juno also seems to have a strong connection to this sign. In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of highest Realization, which is that begin in physical form creates the illusion of separation, but that everything is one, and everything is your own reflection. The Sacred Union, the Union of Self with Self, comes out of this highest realization, and a unified, awakened consciousness is delivered to the world.

Sedna is a collective archetype, acting like a container that holds the re-member-ment of the Divine Feminine. The Divine feminine was dismembered, if you recall, and tossed into the SEA, and now, as we re-member her, that is, put her back together, she births the Christed Self, and we return to Source.

Venus is also featured today, as she connects with Neptune, dispositor of the Piscean field. This feels a lot like a changing of the guard.. A good close look at Venus’s connection with Libra energies, as well as a good long soak in the limitless pool of endless possibilities as Venus and Neptune come together to produce a vibration of higher Love and Spiritual, heart centered focus.

Revel in the scenes your higher self partakes of today. One of them could be your next home.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Venus Neptune conjunction, which occurs deep inside the limitless Piscean field under a void Libra Moon at 8:37am EST. It is reprinted here with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks: It seems important to note that Neptune has just made it to the 4th degree of Pisces, which is the degree described below, and as he makes his way through his own domain, it is fascinating to watch the Star Spark energies he connects with….

Pisces 4: Mushrooms springing up everywhere.

”Proliferation of impulses, desires, needs, longings, and probes into every corner of infinity. A fast spreading fever of suspicions, intoxication’s, idealizations, disillusionment’s, frustrations. Giving the self away to everybody, to all worlds, whatever comes along. Desperate to be free of self, to experience something new, to find a different world to be in

A chaotic turbulence of creativity that is unharnessed and impulsive. No boundaries. No sense of direction. A magnificent display of fragments and facets and soul moods and gifts and virtues and strange notions. The past blown open and showing up everywhere. A very difficult time finding true bearings

Within this predicament lies another world altogether. Uniting with it depends upon being able to stretch and expand until the full range of the soul is acknowledged, is lived into, is given permission to be as free- form as it really is. If such an eventuality should come into being, the most astounding transformation, the truest of metamorphosis can spring forth into being.

This future fish, this unbounded one carries the very special charge of opening up spaces where they seemed to be shut. A capacity to spread around and give everything turn out to be viable, true, something that is meant to be this way. It’s all a matter of where you look at it from. If you take the deep inside under-view, the one the Earth accords with, you will find that infinite bounty and grace was here all along and had no idea where it fit within the existing state of affairs. Just a touch of letting be into his hyper-fertile field of forces turns it from a frenzy into the world’s fertile future dream.”

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

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