• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Libra
  • Moon enters Scorpio: 12:34pm
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 12:34pm
  • Hidden 1:1 Star Gate

You know what they say about March, how it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? It seems that as we move into the next dimension of consciousness everything gets turned on its ear and this is no exception. March comes in this year like a lamb, saturated by the vast limitless field that features 6 planets moving through Pisces, and we are set to leave this month and head into the Spring Equinox, with a big bang, In this 2013 year, every Equinox and Solstice packs a huge wallop, as each represents a major pivotal moment in our evolutionary journey to the higher Self.

The Spring Equinox features the end of the Mercury retrograde cycle, which brings about the end of the shedding of limiting beliefs and he signals the beginning of the expansion phase that is the Springtime. The Spring Equinox Teleconference is scheduled for Tuesday March 19th at 7pm EDT, and registration will be available, either for the live call or the MP3 download, within the next day or two….

March brings with it daily hidden Star Gates, because the 4 month combined with the 6 year produces a daily influx that promises to continue working on keys and codes we’ll need for our upcoming expansion process. Today, the 1st, features a Hidden 1:1 Star Gate, and every day this month brings the newest downloads on the information highway that is the numerical Ray for whatever the date is. One is new beginnings, personal empowerment, and of course unity consciousness

The Moon has been void in Libra for nearly an entire day as this day dawns, and it will remain so, and inside the via combusta, until she moves into Scorpio at 12:34pm EST. This adds an element of the intense to everything that occurs today, even though the void Moon keeps us turned inward, and the retrograde Mercury focuses us on the retracting of steps rather than anything new.

Mid afternoon the Sun trines Saturn, and this is a majorly definitive aspect, producing some structure and substance where there hasn’t been much. It’s hard to find boundaries in a limitless field. How do you put a line in water? The Sun Saturn trine will help, but it’s important to note that whatever it produces isn’t real, and certainly isn’t permanent. That is to say, it may make a lasting impression, one we can take with us and use as a landmark of sorts, but to expect it to stay where it is, or to not vanish into the Neptunian mists that are now being generated by the super Venus Neptune conjunction that completes itself later tonight is not a very probable outcome.

The point is, there aren’t any outcomes that are probable at the moment, and to decide that something is probably amounts to a serious limitation right now. It is in no one’s best interest to come to any conclusion about anything inside this retrograde limitless void, Let it all be… Let it all pass before you, let it all make itself known and then move on, so something else can do just the same thing.

There is so much to see. And the only way to see it all is to watch it… without distraction, without too much focus, without fear and certainly without attachment to an end result. We are creating as we go. We don’t yet yet what we want to create, let alone what we are capable of. That’s what the next few weeks are for.

“Teach us to care and not to care
Teach us to sit still.”

— T. S. Eliot

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