• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Sagittarius
  • Moon enters Capricorn: 7:15pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 10:29am – 7:15pm
  • Hidden 5:5 Star Gate

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It may be difficult still to comprehend just where we’re at in the universal limitless field, but things have definitely turned a corner since yesterday, and we’re in new territory. There’s no point in trying to grasp it, that’s going to take a while longer. It remains a wiser choice to sit back and watch the movie, let IT show YOU what’s possible, though not necessarily your true path, and keep track of what pulls at your heartstrings. When Mercury turns around on March 17th, after so much Piscean rolling together of the planetary archetypes all gathered in this part of our consciousness, we will be in a much better position to decide on our own fates.

That is what we’re doing, you know, and it is what we’ve ALWAYS done, only now we are conscious of it, and that is going to make ALL the difference in the weeks to come. Keep your eye on the mirror, which is currently the limitless field, and wait and see what shows up for you. NO decision you can make at this time can ever be complete. Please know this. That doesn’t mean decisions made now are WRONG, just not finished. There is no end ground right here. There will be more to come. As long as you know this and are prepared for it, great.

There are very few aspects coming together today, most of them subtle, and the Sagittarius Moon is void nearly all day, from 10:30am EST to 8:30pm tonight. The Moon squares Mars before going into the void, which may make for some physical issues, or some circumstances around anger or agitation. Remember that Love is the law in 5D. When you allow destructive emotions to take hold they take you right back to 3D, and it is getting more and more difficult to get there these days. (On the contrary, it’s easier to get to 5D than ever).

In the middle of today’s void Venus and Chiron come together, and this connection certainly dominates the day. Healing of the heart is in order. Sometimes a healing begins with a wounding Like lancing a boil, or undergoing surger to remove a tumor. Surrender is a jey ingredient to the healing process. Allow yourself to be taken to whatever place you need to go to get what is most needed. And be aware that you likely have NO idea what you need. Your higher Self is running this show. Let it be so.

The Venus Chiron conjunction occurs inside the Pisces mansion, at 10 Pisces. This marks the advancement of both Venus and Chiron into the second (Cancer) decanate of Pisces, adding that Cancerian flavor to the experience we’re having of the limitless field. This adds the nurturing, mothering element to it all, which is bound to be most welcome after weeks adrift in the pure Piscean realm.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Venus Chiron conjunction, reprinted with his permission from his book Star sparks We have seen this symbol before, when the Sun and Chiron came together on February 28th. We must have some work to do to get this one right:

10 Pisces: An old witch on a windy promontory. She is calling to the sea.

”The greater elements cast us about in their spell of urgency, their gathering squall of the earth herself saying “Enough”. Those who are chosen to heed the signs, to feel the portents, become swept away by the tide of change and engulfed in the eddies of what always stays the same.

Having a convincing, pervasive, first-hand experience of everything raw and direct, huge and stunning. Being right on that edge where you’re the one to catch the wave, to realize what is coming and what it means to us all. Yet not being able to reveal this to others in a form they can fathom. You have to be there to know it this way.

The overwhelming surge of collective events becomes a perpetual challenge to meet, to integrate, to metabolize into a form that can be passed on to those direr and more separative. Because the messages, the omens are heavily laced with warning and cautionary indications, the conviction arises that the news must get through, but the vibrations make it very hard for others to enter upon what is being offered in any way that fits their lives, their styles, their minds, their points of view

Nonetheless, this is a solitary vigil of one appointed to go out on that edge and stay there and keep tuning in to the signs and indications. In ordinary life, this becomes a force that pulls way too hard on the heartstrings. In apocalyptic times, it is commonsensical, right on that spot, there when needed.

Inside the inside of this frequency, a far subtler resonance is alive. This involves a whispering, an interior tone that is never strident and always sacred and revelatory. When this layer is tapped, all the fireworks disperse and the only thing remaining is the grace of Divine Mothers intervening power, playing through in wondrous ways. Such a tune underlies all the huge edges all the while and is itself on the far side of the troubles. From that wondrous inward sphere, consolation and peace stream into the cleansed vessels.”

“Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow.”
Yiddish Proverb

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