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  • Moon enters Capricorn: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate
  • 6:6 Star Gate

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The week ahead is filled with connections between archetypes (planets) that are filling the Piscean field of limitless possibilities. Just about all of these connections have happened before, a few weeks ago, when Mercury was making his way through his retrograde shadow. This second hit for these connections corresponds to a very particular part of the healing process we are all going through.

It is a healing process because Chiron is in the middle of this grouping of planets that are deepening, widening and multi-dimensionalizing our reality. We need to go as profoundly as we can into our core selves, to clear and reactivate, to reclaim our True, Original, Sovereign Selves.

This second of three connections that Mercury makes to the Piscean planets this week signify the clearing. We have had some intense and demanding time accessing out cores. It has been difficult avoiding the old, habitual fears and choosing Love above all else. We have done a decent job, because we’re here. We made it.

Are you doing a lot of weeping and crying this week? I know I am. I am nostalgic, in touch with sorrow that feels ancient, maybe even from another lifetime. I am filled with emotion I didn’t know I had. In this retrograde Piscean realm, it is SO important to feel whatever you are feeling… to the fullest, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel, so that you can Know your Self, and release those blocks that continually prevent you from opening your heart.

Yesterday’s Venus Chiron conjunction began a healing that is expanded upon today by three more Venus aspects. After a long day of many important lunar connections (and the Moon is in Capricorn, sign of the Great Executive Director), Venus sextiles Pluto at 9pm EST, trines Saturn at 10:08pm, and then conjoins with the retrograde Mercury himself at 11:55pm. It’s an evening of Venusian restoration.

It’s the kind of aftermath that can come only from Venus’s beautiful vibrations. It’s something to open up to, and to embrace once the relief comes. And it’s also important to remember that this is only the beginning of a powerfully alchemical week of Piscean reconstruction. When the Mercury cycle ends we will be in major expansion mode, and the time for accessing the inner core will have passed. His can’t be stressed enough. While time does not exist in 5D, and the “past” can always be accessed…. This is a wave that we are on together, and the more closely we work to get on the same page, the same starting point, the better this ride will be.

Venus Pluto allows for transformation of the highest order, Venus Saturn brings much needed definition and clarity. But it is definitely the Venus Mercury conjunction that brings the most pertinent understanding, and more importantly a new mind/heart balance. This new balance is a crucial part of the new phase we are entering, and it requires our utmost attention and our focused discipline in order to get the most out of this opportunity.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the Venus Mercury conjunction, reprinted from the book Star Sparks with Ellias’s kind permission:

Pisces 12: A woman asleep in a ring of flames.

”She has been through it all, over and over again, yet she has remained somnolent. Somebody drugged her once upon a time. And so she has slept around, even as everything she cherishes and holds dear has been taken away and she has been left alone, to see whether she will call forth the spirit power or forget even further.

While she is in her hypnotive trance, she is infinitely and fabulously suggestible. She live out in her imagination everything that can possibly go on in this world. The collective, the ancestors, past lives, worlds apart, death and destruction play through freely. For she is at one with this earth in a psychic state that is not at all visible or constructive.

Her forward track lies in throwing off what she has inherited from the past in every sense. She cannot afford to take it any further, because she is now at the crucial point, the great crossroads. Becoming alerted to this in a non-paranoid fashion is the first great step toward freedom.

The most agonizing and arduous part is that she no longer feels and senses and registers what is happening inside. She is entranced. It is absolutely vital for her to reckon with the tragedy and the that stand behind her out-of-touch state.

There is a great hope here for a different life altogether. If she finds the courage to stand up for herself and believe in her own soul steadily and consistently, spirited forces can come through and turn this one around. But everything depends upon sustaining an awareness, a sensibility, without resorting to the crutches of dramatization and other cheap tricks. She needs to get it that she has come to ashes, and rebirth is one deep prayer away.”

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”

– Deepak Chopra

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