• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Capricorn
  • Moon enters Aquarius: 10:03pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 4:16pm – 10:03pm
  • Hidden 7:7 Star Gate

Please join me for my Spring Equinox Teleconference, on Sunday, March 17th, at 7pm EDT. Every Equinox and solstice this year holds essential life-altering energies that help us unlock our new 5D potential and emerge into the new world. This Spring Season offers an expansion into Self unlike any we’ve ever seen. You can join me live on the teleconference call, or register to receive the recorded MP3 right away. We’re headed for another worm hole too… What better time for all this information than just as Mercury goes direct! Go to http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/events?ee=25 to register…

Imagine for a moment what it must feel like to be lost at sea. To be adrift in a seemingly endless succession of boundariless moments, where nothing can be defined because everything keeps shifting and changing. It shouldn’t be that much of a stretch, because that’s exactly where we are, bobbing around in the limitless field of our unconscious selves, accessing memories and karmic snippets that continuously remind us of who we truly are. This is important, as it is about to deliver us to our sovereign selves. And from there we will truly be able to manifest a new order.

Yesterday was a big day and three things happened: First, as Venus and Pluto came together a true deepening of the heart centered experience occurred. We can thank the Saturn Pluto sextile /mutual reception for that, as it produces unusually extraordinary results. Later, the Venus Saturn trine gave some sort of definition to this overwhelmingly unstructured place we’re all in. Doesn’t it feel as though something is beginning to make sense?

Finally, late last night a Mercury Venus conjunction, the second of three featured during this retrograde Mercury cycle, produced a new mind/hear balance, and even though we may be hard pressed to explain it exactly, we can feel it, and feeling it is what matters right now. Here in this watery realm, the imind is not the sharpest tool in the box.. the heart is.

Today is another huge day filled with important connections, continuations, really of yesterday’s big connections. Mercury trines Saturn first thing this morning, and then sixties Pluto too, all before sunrise EST, echoing and putting the final touches on that new mind/heart balance we are coming into. This balance speaks to the way we feel as we find ourselves adrift in the vast oceanic mansion. Balance helps.

Mars makes a couple of connections today too, (an energetic opposition to Uranus and a sesquisquare to Saturn), and all of these planetary events occur before 7am EST. That shouldmake for an active night school experience, though you may have noticed that the waking/dreaming/sleeping states are all so much more homogenous than they used to be. There is less difference between waking and sleeping states than there used to be.

Night school can happen even if you’re awake now, and it is harder (or easier) to recall it, depending on your conscious state of being. The Capricorn Moon goes void at 4:!5pm EST, after a sextile to Mars, and enters Aquarius at 10pm. The evening is much quieter than the morning. There are storms raging all over the US, and I am guessing they are going on everywhere, I just don’t have access to the global weather reports. Here in the US they are calling this particular winter storm we are in Saturn. Hmmmm…

Even Saturn got a peek at Venus through its icy rings this week, did you see that NASA picture? The connections show up everywhere and they are always right before our eyes. Have a look around today, with your new mind/heart balance and see what you can see. Just don’t judge it or make any important decisions yet about where you’re headed from here. Not one of us is clear about that yet.

“You are not separate from your Hopes and Dreams, you are only separate from knowing that they are Real and the only Truth your Soul knows. You can’t buy into fear and fully realize your Highest Potential; it only comes from Love and Service.”

– Jackson Kiddard

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