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Aquarian BlastLighting-VaticanThe Spring Equinox Teleconference last night was powerful and SO important. You can purchase the MP3 download right here: Go to http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/?p=25023 to get it… …



Celebrate the Spring Equinox and your life and Manifest the Dream.
With Spring on the way, along with all of this expansive, limitless energy that we are swimming in, I offer you another opportunity to re-ground your body and energy deep into the earth, expanding your crown, while centering you in your heart. Allow your greatest truth and highest vision to emerge nudging you forward with the greatest strength and courage as the fear dissolves away. The stronger your foundation (feet) the more flow of light and consciousness will move through you clearing out the debris and toxins. Put the Spring back into your step!
**please note there is no web or phone connection needed for this healing. All that is required is your presence and intention. You will be emailed the instructions on how to prepare the day before the event.

Go to http://www.drsherrigreene.com/event-registration/?ee=6 to register!


The fiery energies of Aries are building, asking us to find the balance between the Spirit/Mind/Male/Fire energies and the Physical/Emotional/Female/Water energies that absolutely must find the perfect balance within at this time. This balance ultimately leads to Ascension. Join Dr. Sherri Greene tonight at 7pm EDT her latest Sacred Feet Healing Transmission and Activation, aimed specifically at helping you to achieve this balance. I’ll be there! To register, click on the link just above

Yesterday afternoon at 2:02pm the Cancer Moon opposed Pluto and went into a very long void. We will be inside this void Cancer Moon all day long today, from Midnight to Midnight. There could not be a more meaningful place to be than in the arms of the Mother while we incubate this new level of balance and inner awareness. The next couple of weeks deliver an electromagnetic jolt that will change everything everywhere… inner…outer.. (you can’t have one without the other). This influx of intense energy requires an alignment and balance unlike any we’ve ever known before. We’ve been prepping and healing and making our ways toward this moment for lifetimes and, hard as it is to believe, we KNOW we are here and all there is left to do is step up and surrender to the trans-form-ation.

Many are reporting how different it feels inside the void Moon. That a void Moon is positively identifiable, it just FEELS different. It’s more peaceful, more inwardly focused, more self-contained. That means that a day like today, with its 24 HOURS of easily accessible inner peace, is one to be embraced and entered into whole heartedly. Don’t let this very important day slip by, because we all need all the inner focus we can get right now.

Two huge events take place today inside this powerful void. First, Saturn trines Chiron. This is a very important aspect, because Chiron is a Centaur, and Centaurs are important for the connection they make between two planets In Chiron’s case, Saturn and Uranus are being rewired through the healing mastery of Chiron. Chiron Saturn aspects speak to the platform that houses the rainbow bridge. This trine places tht platform solidly into view. Saturn is in Scorpio, sign of physical manifestation (not to mention metaphysical), and Chiron is in the limitless field, awaiting his third visit from Mercury, who will arrive on the 29th. This trine marks a very important point in the Saturn Chiron cycle, and it comes at exactly the same time that the Saturn/Pluto Jupiter Finger of God comes to fruition.

It all points to the Christ Consciousness coming on line.

Maybe most importantly, Venus enters Aries tonight, crossing the 0 point/World Axis. Venus crosses this point around once every year, but this year she’s doing so inside a void Moon, like so many of the other aspects she’s made these last two years or so. I don’t know if you remember, but Venus made more than half of her major connections last year inside a void Moon. The void Moon is like an incubator. It is the go to place for inner prep work these days.

What happens today kicks off a huge new cycle. Watch the world, watch the cosmos. It is all reflecting what is going on inside. Please, tell me what you see! And get ready for the first Uranian Jolt tomorrow!

“The way is not in the sky.
The way is in the heart….”

– Buddha

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