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Aquarian BlastLighting-VaticanThe Spring Equinox Teleconference last night was powerful and SO important. You can purchase the MP3 download right here: Go to http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/?p=25023 to get it… …


The Uranian Jolt is underway.. Are you looking outside or inside for the evidence of this shift? Everywhere I look I see astrologers advising everyone to be careful, to avoid accidents and mistakes, and to lay low. That is a very 3D take on the most 5D experience we’ve ever been afforded.. It is so much more important to be present to everything, to work at keeping our hearts wide open along with our eyes and our minds, in order to be as conscious as possible of all that the universe is offering up. As I’ve said just about every day for the past week or so, this is the moment to meet your own Creation.

Yesterday the Leo Moon played host to the Mars Uranus conjunction that kicked off the Uranian Jolt. We have been opened up now, in one way or another, to receive at the physical level the new Uranian electromagnetic energies that belong to the awakened homo luminous. Late last night (EDT) the Moon squared Saturn and went into yet another very long void, one that will last about 36 hours, including this entire day. We are spending every other day inside total voids this week, and it seems as though this is a key ingredient to produce the kind of balance we are about to attain.

A void Leo Moon is an ultimate kind of balance, because Leo is the sign of the Sun, the most male energetic there is. The Moon of course, rules the divine feminine realm. There is great balance to be found here. And inside this void Moon day Jupiter and Saturn come to their exact inconjunct point, marking the beginning of the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Finger of God, which culminates during the first week of April. This Finger of God brings about the chance for each of us to attain the Christed consciousness, to ascend, to awaken, to become enlightened. These are big words, but we have arrived, and it’s time to say yes to the opportunity we have afforded ourselves.

Jupiter and Saturn form the Great Eliminator moments before 11pm EDT tonight, which means this important connection is building to a crescendo all day. It’s been building for months, in truth, but here inside the Uranian Jolt it finds its true meaning and purpose. A great Eliminator means an very important choice has to be made here, one that is life altering and has the power to change everything. It is all about transcending duality, adopting the unified consciousness, realizing there is nothing ‘out there’ but your own reflection, and that you are creating that reflection with every word you speak, every feeling you feel, every thought you think. When you look outside of yourself and you don’t like what you see, change your mind, your thoughts, your words and watch what happens. The greatest gift of being here in 5D is the immediate manifestation that takes place. A shifted thought shifts reality immediately.

For the next couple of days Mercury Venus and Mars (and the Sun) interact with Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, to rewire all that we think, feel and do. Whatever you can allow will be reworked for good. It’s all about the allowing right now. Being careful is not what’s important. That is a fear based way to move through life. BE PRESENT. Be fully conscious of whatever you’re doing. Make your life your meditation and it will all work out just as it’s meant to.

The Full Moon on the 27th comes just before the next big Jolt, and promises to assist in the balance process. Libra will soon be recognizable for the intergalactic consciousness it was always meant to bring… Stay tuned…

” Be led by joy.

It’s the whole point.”

The Universe (Mike Doley) www.tut.com

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