• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Leo:
  • Moon enters Virgo: 11:50am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 11:50am
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate
  • 6:6 Star Gate

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We’ve been inside the void Leo Moon for 25 hours as the day begins, and we will remain so until 11:50am EDT. It’s important to commune with your own heart this morning, as the Leo energies are intimately and fundamentally tied to that core part of our being. The Heart is the new root chakra, and we have a chance to really get to know our own mechanism well right now. In fact, there is no better way to make use of this moment.

We are inside the Uranian Jolt and the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Finger of God is manifesting in all its glory this week. This is the rising of the Christed Self. There are other very important connections taking place this week as well, tying everything together in a beautiful bow. The planets that remain in Pisces, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune, all connect with Jupiter Pluto and Saturn as well, each in their own way. (Well, all except Neptune, who is in a way standing on his own right now).

Neptune has been sitting at the very beginning of Pisces, his own domain, for a couple of years now, and every time any planet moves into a new sign, it meets up with Neptune first, and then finds its new calibration process there, with the ruler of the limitless field. It’s easy to see why this week’s Uranian Jolt is so perfectly poised to set us up for our new human status. Neptune presides over everything at the moment, and the limitless filed, the void, out of which all of the new world will manifest, is still very actively generating all its possibilities for each and every one of us.

It is sssssooooo important to put your consciousness there, on that plenty, rather than on any scarcity or lack. Any shortcoming, any loss, any fear will magnify if you remain focused on it.. And furthermore, inside this 5D experience, what you focus on will manifest instantaneously. So make it a point to FIX your gaze on the world you wish to find. IT IS THERE. BELIEVE IT.

During the week ahead the Sun and Venus will come together with Uranus, and more importantly ALL the planets are coming together on the ecliptic, (at the level of higher consciousness), right smack around the center… They are at around 2 North or South of the ecliptic’s center, and that makes it all very very potent.

While we are being downloaded with the all important electromagnetic energies of the Uranian Jolt (conjunct Eris), that is the awakening energies that we’ve all been waiting for, it’s important to take note where this is taking place inside your energy field, because as collective as this event is, it is also extremely personal. We are each creating our own world, and it doesn’t get more personal than that.

On top of that the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Finger of God touches us all. Anyone who is ready, anyone who has done the work to make some progress along the spiritual path, can ascend, right here, right now. Most of you (especially if you’re excited by that statement) already know you’re here for just such an experience. This is it. This is the moment. Give yourself to it. You have come here to meet your True Self. Your Divine Self. And you are standing in the threshold right now.

”Where is it? Where is it?! Have you seen your future lately…? Oh, there it is! Spinning in the palm of your hand.”
The Universe (Mike Dooley) www.tut.com

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