• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Virgo
  • Moon enters Libra: 5:33pm
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 5:33pm
  • Hidden 3:3 Star Gate

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The void Moons are so helpful right now, aren’t they? They keep the intensity of these powerful Aries energies at bay. Did you know that in the Cosmic Consciousness system Aries is the part of our energy field where the Light from the Sun’s logos is made available to us? The Sun’s consciousness is accessible to us all the time. All we ever have to do is think Loving thoughts. Aries is now known as the Divine Spark of Creation, because a Loving thought manifests the world we wish to live in. It is the sign of Mental Power, because it is the power of the (Higher) mind to hold the consciousness of Love and Forgiveness. It is the sign of Christ Consciousness.

Here inside this void Virgo Moon we have the amazing capacity to turn our Self-Love (ARIES), into Christed Love. Virgo is the sign of the Divine Mother, and the Divine Mother is the progenitor of the Christ Mind. The Moon will be void until 5:33pm this evening (EDT), giving us ample opportunity to discipline our thoughts so that they are all Love, which in turn produces the miracle a Love-filled creation.

Like all the other days of this stretch, very important connections are being made inside the void. Mars, ruler of Aries and of the physical body makes two VERY important aspects. The first is the completion of a FINGER OF GOD, when he sextiles Jupiter at 6:30am. He formed an inconjunct with Saturn last night, and as we all know Jupiter and Saturn are in an ongoing inconjunct, forming a leg of a whole series of Fingers of God this month. This one, activated by Mars, bring the physical body (and the earth) into alignment with the new Christ Consciousness. These stages toward ascension are firing like rockets this week, and we get closer and closer to Source as we go.

Mars also forms a semisextile with Chiron inside this void early this morning, setting up some very powerful healings, in our bodies and on the planet. Don’t be surprised though, if these healings don’t look particularly comfortable or soothing, as they are taking place inside the Uranian Jolt. This Jolt, in Aries, is occurring all week, and is in direct polarity with the Libra full Moon tomorrow morning. You can’t make this stuff up. The BALANCE is the key to everything right now, and Libra is emerging as the air sign most fundamentally involved in the male/female balancing act. (All the air signs deal with balancing duality, one way or another).

The Moon enters Libra at 5:33pm EDT and we enter into the Full Moon phase. Before the evening is over Mars will square Pluto and Jupiter will square Chiron. These are super important connections as well, considering we started this day with a FINGER OF GOD that involves Mars and Jupiter. Pluto had to get involved, because he is the maestro of the main FINGER OF GOD, the one that is manifesting all month and culminating this week, with Jupiter and Saturn. This is the navigation process that yields the Christed Self, for anyone who is willing to set sail.

Just before midnight Jupiter’s square to Chiron gives that extra little bit of mastery and consciousness we’ll need to be ready willing and able to follow the inner radar. There is no reason why ANY of us can’t do this, it’s just a matter of focus, will and surrender, and just the right combination of these. A new male/female balance.

The Full Moon tomorrow is in alignment with Uranus, bringing the brunt of the electromagnetic download to the forefront of our conscious awareness. What is Uranus if not Conscious Awakening? Open up to your Libran energies tonight (we all contain them), and see if you can’t find the balance mechanism that is built in, standard equipment.

With Mercury still recovering his retrograde shadow, blasts from the past resurface, in the form of people, places, things, feelings, whatever… Don’t forget for a moment that you don’t actually live there any more. Just take note of how far you’ve come, how different you are, and move on. There’s way too much excitement ahead to overlook the chance to walk through the door.

” Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

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