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We move, full blown, into the fullness of the Finger of God that has been manifesting since the 12/12/12 portal opened, and it blossoms for the next few days, with the Saturn Pluto sextile hard at work pointing to Jupiter at 11/12 Gemini. We are right in the middle of transcending duality, of reclaiming our unified consciousness. Self-Realization is the result of this choice, and it is vital to remember that a choice is what this is. Not everyone will achieve what is being offered here to any soul who has put in the spiritual work to get here. Choice does not mean ’Yes, I choose this’, so much as it means ’I choose Love’.

This is a familiar and by now well understood procedure, the choice to lead with the heart, to think Loving thoughts, to allow the heart to lead us, but understanding it intellectually and DOING it are two completely different things. The Scorpio Moon today brings both Saturn and Pluto front and center, which is most fitting. The Jupiter Saturn inconjunct asks us to eliminate fear once and for all, and the Jupiter Pluto inconjunct asks us to surrender to the Great Expansion that is underway within each of us. This expansion involves a rebalancing of the male/female (mind/heart, Doing/Being ) aspects of our Selves.

To achieve this balance we must be still, trust the heart, and allow it to move us. This is where action comes from. Action (male) from inner trust (female). It will take us a little while to achieve this new 5D balance, but many of us are beginning to catch glimpses of this new way of Being.

To this end, Mercury’s conjunction with Chiron early this morning, the third of three that occurred during Mercury’s retrograde cycle, can go a long way toward the realignment of the thought process with the new human paradigm. We can’t move into the Christed Self without a new mental paradigm. This is it. It has been all along. This Mercury Chiron connection (in Pisces) combined with the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Finger of God that delivers us to our higher Minds, is what the entire winter (Summer) has been about.

The planets are all lining up in beautiful formation, producing sextiles (read magic) everywhere. Magic, miracles and all things unprecedented is in the air. Open up to it. Let it be. Mercury squares Jupiter today allowing for major mind expansion, if we can allow, and the Jupiter Pluto inconjunct occurs late this evening inside yet another very long void Moon. These days these major aspects that occur inside the voids bode very well for the new human condition, even if they are not very easy to navigate.

There are Fingers of God going on everywhere, tomorrow Venus forms another one with Jupiter and Saturn. The dispositors of the four body system are calibrating with the new consciousness.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for this last Mercury Chiron conjunction, the completion of the mental realignment process. It is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Pisces 12: A woman asleep in a ring of flames.

”She has been through it all, over and over again, yet she has remained somnolent. Somebody drugged her once upon a time. And so she has slept around, even as everything she cherishes and holds dear has been taken away and she has been left alone, to see whether she will call forth the spirit power or forget even further.

While she is in her hypnotic trance, she is infinitely and fabulously suggestible. She lives out in her imagination everything that can possibly go on in this world. The collective, the ancestors, past lives, worlds apart, death and destruction play through freely. For she is at one with this earth in a psychic state that is not at all visible or constructive.

Her forward track lies in throwing off what she has inherited from the past in every sense. She cannot afford to take it any further, because she is now at the crucial point, the great crossroads. Becoming alerted to this in a non-paranoid fashion is the first great step toward freedom.

The most agonizing and arduous part is that she no longer feels and senses and registers what is happening inside. She is entranced. It is absolutely vital for her to reckon with the tragedy and the [mechanism] that stand behind her out-of-touch state.

There is a great hope here for a different life altogether. If she finds the courage to stand up for herself and believe in her own soul steadily and consistently, spirited forces can come through and turn this one around. But everything depends upon sustaining an awareness, a sensibility, without resorting to the crutches of dramatization and other cheap tricks. She needs to get it that she has come to ashes, and rebirth is one deep prayer away.”

”You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as this universe. You didn’t come into this world; you came out of it. Like a wave from the ocean.”
Alan Watts

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