• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Sagittarius
  • Moon enters Capricorn: 1:36am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 1:36am
  • 6:6 Star Gate

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The Moon moves into Capricorn at 1:36 am and we’ll be working with Saturn’s energies all day. There isn’t a void in sight and so there’s the promise of important movement and progress at last. The Saturnian influence reminds us persistently of the need to make responsible choices about how we are approaching our lives and who we mean to be in the new world we are creating. Only the highest road will do. Service to self and others is the name of the game.

The Capricorn Moon makes a Finger of God of her own today, emphasizing the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto picture that is already dominant. The Moon sextiles Saturn, conjoins with Pluto and inconjuncts Jupiter all during the course of this day. This active Finger of God lets us FEEL very profoundly the new consciousness we have achieved, or more appropriately, surrendered to.

The Moon makes aspects to just about every outer planet today, giving us a chance to take careful note of how we’re approaching our lives and what we’re still not able to live up to. It’s all good, so don’t go into judgment over anything you perceive today. Just let it all be what it is… EXACTLY what it is, so that you can become conscious of exactly where you are right here right now. Honestly, there is nothing else that matters. BE HERE NOW and say YES to whatever presents itself. It’s all jam packed with meaning and messages you can understand. Just pay attention and let the information fill your consciousness.

After two days of Saturn-disposed atmosphere we will be prepared for the huge Mind/Heart/Body/Spirit realignment/rewiring that is about to take place for anyone who I ready to allow it. It its time. There are those who don’t wish to look at the clock, but this is not in anyone’s best interest now. The world is heating up, on one level, it is also healing, on another. Focus on the world you KNOW you are preparing to live in , and not on the one you don’ wish to see anymore.

The Moon does not connect with one inner planet today, which is a rare phenomenon. We are fully embraced by or higher selves today and there’s a very good reason for that… We are headed into very significant inner shift that will very quickly show up as our new creation.. our new world.

It is nearly time to let it all be manifested. No time to think about it. Thinking hasn’t gotten us anywhere in thousands of years. Let’s try allowing now.

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
– George Orwell

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