• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Cancer: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No

Please join me for my Spring 2013 Worm Hole of Manifestation teleconference which will focus exclusively on the upcoming eclipses.
In order to make the most of this unprecedented passage, it helps to understand what these eclipses can do. Let’s work collectively to ride the wave that is set to take off just as the worm hole delivers us to the Gemini New Moon on June 8th. Don’t miss this important discussion about how to navigate through this passage.

Sunday, April 21 at 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT, 9pm GT…
Exchange: $20
No need to be on the live call, just register and receive the MP3 download right away…

And on Monday, April 22nd, at 7pm EDT, please join Dr. Sherri Greene for a perfectly timed Sacred Feet Transmission…

From Dr Sherri Greene: I am grateful to be offering you the assistance of my next Remote Sacred Feet healing as we move into the next series of eclipses that begins on April 25th. As always this transmission will be a unique experience for your body, mind and spirit. The intention is to nurture your physical form during this intensive time when the energies are surging through you as you move (flow) through your world…quite strongly at times. As your body adjusts and adapts to the new frequency upgrades here on earth you will continue to stand in the power of your most authentic self owning your individual creative mastery… your souls(soles:) mission. Allow this healing to expand your awareness and inner center point balance that is always with you. Magical alchemy is present to ground the new into form, your divine form. Go to www.drsherrigreene.com/events TO REGISTER.


The Cancer Moon keeps the emotional undercurrent going, and it’s an important day for each of us, in that there are 6 aspects all day and three of them take place between planets other than the Moon. There’s a lot of inner realignment going on, as the archetypes (planets) that preside over the lower bodies change signs and connect with the outer planets that preside over our higher Selves. Mercury, Venus, Mars the Sun and the Moon are all very active this week in so many ways, and that means we are coming into our own, on every level.

Mercury and Neptune connect in an intimate semisextile first thing this morning (EDT), bringing new strategies and visions to light. The possibilities that we have discovered during the past months are now beginning to bud. We can look at the landscape of our lives now and see what we’ve begun to create. We may love what we see or we may not be so sure, but it is still not quite time to make decisions. We won’t have all the facts for a few more days. You wouldn’t want to make a premature decision right now, because you’ll wish you hadn’t very shortly. Be still, remain in observer mode and keep taking in the vista, which you yourself created.

Mars forms an energetic opposition (contraparallel) with Neptune mid day, helping us to get the lay of the land and to BEGIN to form strategies about the world we are about to create. This act of Creation will take some time. It is definitely NOT like I Dream of Jeannie, blinking something into existence… While thought is not the number one ingredient, consciousness is.

We will be creating our new world inside the upcoming Worm Hole of Manifestation, which begins on April 25 and lasts until June 7. That’s a long passage, especially with three eclipses to move through during that time.

Finally, at the end of the day today the Sun and Mars come together at the last degree of Aries. This critical degree is arguably one of the most energetic and vibrant points that is contained within our consciousness. The Aries energies are rampant on the planet at the moment, but it is vital to remember who you are and hold the Light you are here to shine. Focusing on the negativity in the world diminishes your Light. If you can’t look at it without calling it a name, or feeling badly about it, don’t look at it! Stay focused on Love and your open heart.

Aries WAS the warrior and the RAM in the old consciousness. In the new world, Aries is the Divine Spark of Creation, and it activated when Love motivates your thoughts and actions. As Mercury approaches Uranus (exact on Saturday), this Aries infusion of awakened consciousness that we have sustained for weeks now will finally make sense. In the meantime, let it all in, and remember to BE THE LOVE you ARE…

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Sun Mars conjunction, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks (This is exciting)…:

Aries 29: Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion.

”Going against the self with a determined and fierce edge. Doing whatever it takes to throw the self off its flow and consistency. Undermining, sabotaging, subverting the ego-mind and its patterns, its needs, its world view.

Candor determined to hunt down the enemy, which is the unexamined self. Unwilling to let anybody in here get away with anything. Always ready to die, to charge the life radically, to do whatever it takes. Crazed with the desire to be done with illusion and pretense, to be free of the burden of lies, deception of the ego-self pursuing its surface goal to the determent of all of life.

An honesty, a gustiness, an ability to follow through on the impulse to find another way, to live in a different manner altogether. The stark combination of shadow inflation with shadow remuneration. The simultaneous state of seeking to be free of self and in the process becoming hung up on self massively.

A very good and strange idea carried to the ultimate point. We know here that what we allow ourselves to take up as a controlled and self-willed outer pathway will easily become much more of a monster than a fulfillment. And we are well-aware, deeply in touch with the root system that supports and perpetuates our surface motives, and turns them into worlds of everything reinforcing and substantiating the self’s most naïve and useless assumptions, made into a life.

But what we have a hard time with is doing anything other than cutting away at the patterns. We end up being the shadow, being the one who stops the self from folly untold and moving into those values which are there when we are once again part of the whole.

A very necessary undertaking which perhaps never lets up and fails to realize that letting be is the center point of wisdom.”

“Where there is hatred, let me sow Love.”

– St.Francis of Assisi

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