• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Virgo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 2:04am - Midnight
  • 4:4 Star Gate

My Spring 2013 Worm Hole of Manifestation teleconference was amazing last night.
You can purchase the MP3 right here for immediate download.
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And TONIGHT, Monday, April 22nd, at 7pm EDT, please join Dr. Sherri Greene for a perfectly timed Sacred Feet Transmission…

From Dr Sherri Greene: I am grateful to be offering you the assistance of my next Remote Sacred Feet healing as we move into the next series of eclipses that begins on April 25th. As always this transmission will be a unique experience for your body, mind and spirit. The intention is to nurture your physical form during this intensive time when the energies are surging through you as you move (flow) through your world…quite strongly at times. As your body adjusts and adapts to the new frequency upgrades here on earth you will continue to stand in the power of your most authentic self owning your individual creative mastery… your souls(soles:) mission. Allow this healing to expand your awareness and inner center point balance that is always with you. Magical alchemy is present to ground the new into form, your divine form.

This is the perfect adjunct to help you ground all the info received yesterday on the teleconference…

Go to http://www.drsherrigreene.com/event-registration/?ee=7 TO REGISTER.


At 2:04 am EDT the Virgo Moon slips into a void after squaring Jupiter and remains in that profoundly Divine Feminine domain all day. Despite this opportunity to go within and access the wisdom of your heart, there are three major planetary events occurring inside this void, making it a very important one. First and foremost, the Virgo energies have morphed into the most closely associated with the Divine Mother who births the Christed Self. All of this occurs within, and so these are important parts of Self to access consciously. This is such an important week in the human story, it’s vital to be centered in the core of our being for the ride through the upcoming eclipse passage.

These eclipses are the first we ever encounter while fully in the 5D consciousness, and of course, that changes everything. For one thing, it gives us the capacity to truly make the most of the eclipse opportunities, which have ALWAYS been there, we just haven’t been able to perceive them with our predominantly fear based focus. WE DON’T LIVE THERE ANY MORE, do we? Even if you still have fear-based thoughts, they are nothing like they used to be, isn’t that true? And if you can say yes to that, you can let go of whatever fear is left, too.

Letting go is the key to a happy passage through the upcoming worm hole. Fearless ness is the key to making the most out of an eclipse opportunity. We can be fearless when we consciously choose to Love our Selves and hold our Selves in the highest Light, the highest esteem. We have had a lot of practice along these lines, and it is time to put it all into action now.

The first planetary connection today is (fortunately) a Venus aspect, which means we are leading with the heart. It’s not the EASIEST Venus aspect, but it is very important. It is a Venus Saturn opposition, which in 3D would have brought on a self-esteem issue, but WE DON’T LIVE THERE ANY MORE, do we? Venus Saturn is now the inner guru guiding you unfailingly toward the highest expression of your Self. Toward Self-Love. Toward the transformation that Loving Self brings. Take any fear based through about how great (or not great) you are today to the most loving place you can. That effort will be enough to move you into a suitable position for worm hole take off.

Next Mercury completes the super conjunction with Uranus, and officially ends the Uranian Jolt. The download of awakened consciousness is complete. Now we wait and allow all that awareness to flood our vision. ALLOW is the operative word. This aspect occurs at 5:42pm EDT and the last planetary aspect occurs art 10:28pm. That is a Mars Saturn contraparallel, marking the beginning of the Mars Saturn super opposition that will be completed on May 1.

All of this polarization of three Taurus planets with the inner guru in the sign of transformation and alchemy makes this the perfect night for an etheric grounding. I will be there, please join us. (Register for Dr. Sherri Greene’s Sacred Feet Transmission at the top of this weather entry).

We are headed for Wesak, a rare triple eclipse wormhole, a polarization of the new Self with the newly upgraded inner guru, and we are about to process a three week long electromagnetic download of higher consciousness unlike any we’ve ever known before. We need all the down time we can get. There are three all day voids this week, today, Wednesday and Friday. The last one occurs just after we enter the worm hole. Make the most of them. It is inside the void that our guidance mechanisms kick in big time.

“Looking at my life
I see that only Love
Has been my soul’s companion
From deep inside
My soul cries out:
Do not wait, surrender
For the sake of Love.”

– Rumi

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