• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 4:58am - Midnight

My Spring 2013 Worm Hole of Manifestation teleconference was amazing last night.
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We have entered into the first worm hole of the new order, and it is already quite different from any other eclipse passage we’ve known, if only for the instant manifestation that is so clearly present, so totally available to us. The thing about it is, this instant manifestation is happening whether we’re aware of it, but NOT being aware of it means using it unconsciously, and that can only produce two things: One, more manifesting without knowing that we are the Creator , and two, an incomplete new world. Inside this worm hole we will learn the fine art of manifestation, but that won’t be possible until we put our focus on what we are creating.

For all the consciousness we’ve gained and all the mastery we’ve learned, we still have the tendency to look ‘out there’ for clues as to who we are and what we’re doing. As long as we insist on doing that, there is no way to create the world of our heart’s desire. That can only be achieved when we look inward, steadfastly, without wavering, and come from a place of innate self-worthiness. Each of us knows, at this point, what a treasure it is to be a Light Worker, a Love Bringer, and we have been able to move past a lot of the fear that has always accompanied that role, through each lifetime that brought us to the here and now.

Here, in this moment, we are the most precious asset on the planet, the salvation, the healing, the cure, whether most people living here see that yet or not. It doesn’t matter if they do. It only matters that we keep the Light shining. The moment we worry that someone doesn’t value us, the light diminishes, and the healing is less possible. The moment we focus on the devastation that is going on in the world (because it has to fall apart and fall away), the Light diminishes, the Love is less present. Do you see? You are the Light. You are the solution. When you let your identity slip away, you remove the hope for a new world.

The entire 6 weeks ahead will be about the art of manifestation. This particular leg of the journey is about valuing your Self enough to stay focused on your own heart’s desire. If you do this, you will manifest all that you dream of, and instantly. Make believe you are doing it. It’s the same thing as “actually” doing it. What is real and what is illusion? This 5D plane is magical, and make believe is major vehicle for bringing thoughts and beliefs into manifestation.

The Scorpio Moon goes into an all day void at 4:58am EDT, and we will have yet another blessed chance to lie in the arms of the Divine Feminine in the form of the wise woman. Tune into your inner guru today. Saturn is in Scorpio too, as you know, teaching you how it’s done. It’s a day for wisdom and understanding to reveal itself to you, and this happens every time you allow your Self to be exactly where you are. You don’t have to be perfect or even close. You just have to let your Self BE, no judgment, no resistance.

Later this evening Mars and Neptune form a very creative sextile, bringing creative vision to the forefront. This can be a big boon to the whole manifestation learning process. This aspect completes this week’s Sun/Mars Moon Neptune finger of God, which previewed and set us up for this entire leg of the manifestation journey. Bring your consciousness to what it is you truly wish to create now. Allow yourself the belief that you are entitled to anything you want. If you come from the heart, there is nothing you can’t create. If you don’t come from the heart, you can’t create anything you want to find. Shift from I want, or I need to I have and take the step into it. It will be in your hands before your foot hits the ground. Try it. (If it doesn’t work, you didn’t believe.. Try again.)

“Cease trying to work everything out with your minds.
It will get you nowhere.
Live by intuition and inspiration
and let your whole life be Revelation.”

Eileen Caddy

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