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We are three days into the Worm Hole of Manifestation. One amazing thing about an eclipse passage is that the energy is so different from the usual fare that it feels very insular inside this ‘shortcut’, especially if our focus is on our Selves and the inner planes. There is time unlimited here to tend to whatever comes up for sorting. Notice the word sorting has replaced the word ‘clearing’, because there is nothing to clear here, only awareness to be recognized and worked with accordingly. And awareness is the key word right now, as we move through these Sun/Mars super oppositions to Saturn.

Oppositions were once the most profound dualities we dealt with. In 3D, the separation consciousness would take a perspective and literally split it in two, so that the two ends of any continuum would appear to be completely apart from each other with no way to bridge them, or make much of a connection at all. In 5D these oppositions are polarities, easily recognized for the two ends of the range they collectively comprise. Anything can become a polarity. Astrologically, the opposition is polarity in 5D, and when one comes up, we have the very magical opportunity to observe the entirety of the connection. What we perceive depends on where we are on the spectrum, and of course, once we realize where we are, we can change our position instantly, thereby changing our perspective, and fantastically, the whole world we are perceiving/projecting.

We are learning the mechanism of Creation. The Sun Saturn polarity speaks to one’s power of self-possession. One’s level of authenticity, not from the point of view of other, but from one’s own perception. Do you believe in your Self, do you feel you are expressing the truth of who you are? When you ask yourself these questions, pay attention to your answers, the one’s you tell yourself. Are you judging yourself now?

Stop it! Spirituality 101: Drop all judgment. There is nowhere to go when you judge yourself.. It’s the same thing as putting a big boulder in front of the door you’ve already closed between you and the world you can create the moment you let yourself BE your Self. As the Sun Saturn super opposition completes itself today, step up into yourself. Here in 5D make believe is a big vehicle. If you like to pretend, you’ve got it made here in this new world. Try it. Pretend you are the one you most wish to be… you’ll be amazed.

We are headed also for a Mars Saturn opposition on Wednesday, May 1. This polarity speaks to your capacity for Right Action. Action is no longer what we do when we go into our heads and contrive a plan to bring about the situation we are after. Action is the active moving into the heart and coming from there, so that the universe can resonate with whatever’s truly in there and come together just to reflect it back at you. Once your Creation shows up, you won’t have to go to head to decide what to do about it. you’ll just be moved toward it. This is Right Action: being moved by your heart toward your desires.

How much in your heart are you? How much in your head? Be honest, without judgment. Just becoming conscious of where you are will automatically move you in the right direction. Do you believe that? If not, pretend you do, just for today, and see what happens.

“We waste a lot of time running after people we could have caught by just standing still.”

– Mignon McLaughlin

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