• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Moon enters Pisces: 2:26pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 12:25am – 2:26pm
  • Hidden 5:5 Star Gate

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All the planets that preside over the four body system are now moving through the part of our consciousness that we call Taurus. Taurus used to be known as the BULL, for some not so obvious reasons, save for its tendency to function in stubborn and immovable ways. But when we define something it is somewhat doomed to take on the characteristics of that name, which is why we need to be very careful here in 5D before we define things we know nothing about… yet. Taurus can better be considered the mansion within us where the Tree of Life bestows it’s incredible strength and staying power on whatever it touches. For each of us, right now, the entire four body system is being infused with this love-based (Taurus belongs to Venus), irrepressible energy. If we can say yes to it, instead of resisting it, we will come out so much more long lived and resilient for it.

Taurus is all about grounding into new earth, new territory, and finding release from old habits that have kept us stuck and in our own way. It is here that we can learn the art of compassionate detachment, which is crucial to the ascension process. That is why anything that comes up that causes resistance in you must be looked at, lovingly, (NOT CRITICALLY), and embraced and triumphed over. Triumph implies that the higher self emerges victorious over the lower… Love conquers fear.

The planets in Taurus are in moving at different speeds, and though Mercury and Mars will connect with each other shortly for another mind/body recalibration, the four body system is being stretched and reworked inside this worm hole passage, each planet connecting in the same way with each of the outer planets, one after the other. This is producing a more uniform four body experience for all. Each day we experience another ruler of one of the four bodies connecting with an outer planet, so that that part of us is calibrating in a certain way, and that connection is being repeated by the other four body rulers, one after another.

For example… today the Sun sextiles Chiron, bringing important self-healing opportunities to light. Venus sextiled Chiron on April 25th, the day after the worm hole opened, Mars will sextile Chiron along with Mercury next Tuesday, when the two rulers of mind and body come together. Each of these connections offers a different transformative experience, but the calibration with Chiron is an ongoing sextile at this time, bringing about creative and productive healing and realignment.

The Moon goes void early this morning and emerges in Pisces a half a day later, at 2:26pm EDT. Inside that void Mercury forms an energetic opposition with Saturn, kicking off this latest super opposition, yet another of those repetitive multi-layered aspects. These super oppositions are making us aware of the polarities, or full ranges of consciousness spectrums that are becoming available to us now. This Mercury Saturn super opposition is the last of the four body rulers to make this particular connection, and so it brings up the rear for this consciousness stretching phase by offering much understanding and information that SHOULD make us happy, though we ought to get used to the idea of not needing it so much.

Mercury informs, which is what everyone is clamoring for at the moment. We are poised on the verge of newness, which means we know nothing. When we realize that knowing nothing is the best place to be because it offers the greatest range of experience, we will be able to enter into the new kingdom ready to Be the Creator.

The afternoon and evening are marked by Piscean/Neptunian energies. Dream, aim high, trust your imagination, but resist putting names and definitions to things. See how far you can get, how many steps you can take without labeling what you see. Let your senses tell you what you’re meeting, not your thoughts.

“Genius is eternal patience.”

– Michelangelo

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