• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aries: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 6:6 Star Gate

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The Aries Moon brings us back to the Uranian Jolt energetic today, as the Moon comes together with Uranus at 5pm EDT and reminds us, at the core level, what it is we’ve been downloaded with during the past month or so. Our consciousness is completely transformed, and if we can just accept that, believe in it, we can go forth and find out all about what that consciousness can do.

There’s a lot going on today, and it is leading us into a huge coming together of mind and body tomorrow, and these are preludes to the Solar eclipse new Moon that is just up ahead, on the 9th. That eclipse marks stage 2 of this 3 part worm hole passage we are all in together, and in many ways it’s the most important part, because it is a solar eclipse, (the other two eclipses are lunar), and the Moon’s South Node is activated by this solar eclipse, meaning that all the karmic circumstances related to this passage are going to show themselves now.

Karma is not bad or good, it simply is the action that is required to even out the ledger. If you’re kind, it comes back to you, if you’re mean, same thing. The thing is, we never really know what the sum total of our ledger is, and therefore we don’t know what’s hanging in the balance. Whatever it is, it’s important to move through it without incurring more karma… that is, without a fear based reaction. Fear based energy is unconscious (we would never CHOOSE fear), and therefore it generates karmic circumstances… or the need for balancing out. What I’m saying is, it’s vital to move through this week’s events with an open heart, saying yes to what comes, remembering it’s all as it should be, and remaining Love and Light throughout.

So today, as Venus forms a subtle sesquisquare with Pluto and Mercury forms a subtle semisextile with Uranus, we continue to realign our newly upgraded four body systems with our newly activated higher Selves, in preparation for the upcoming reboot of consciousness, which gives us each the chance to transcend a bunch of karma and move directly into a more 5D experience. The Venus Pluto sesquisquare brings up the need to determine what our choices are for going forward in a heart centered way, while the Mercury Uranus semisextile brings much more understanding about our new consciousness. Taken together, that seems to imply that a willingness to go forward with an open heart, despite not knowing what’s up ahead will yield much more awareness about where we are.

We don’t know where we are, and yet we absolutely do. We have never left this very heart centered place that feels like home because it is. It is the very place we’ve been yearning for all these centuries and mistakenly believed was ‘out there’ somewhere. We believed that because these separate bodies made us feel separate from what we want. Yet we are not separate from anything, and the new consciousness is all about that truth. We can remember now that we have everything we need and that looking within is the answer.

We need to get with this new consciousness to be prepared for the week ahead. Find the Taurus part of you and listen to the guidance that it offers. The Taurus part of each of us is the place where the inner guidance mechanism lives. If you can listen to your inner voice, you will be guided home from here.

” It seems/feels to me that Taurus is inherent, basic Trust, a pervading, persevering sense that Life is Good… it’s all Love.:
Lucira Jane Nebelung

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