• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Gemini: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: NO

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These are the words of the great Eric Francis:
” . . .when the lunar nodes (which travel as an axis) passed through Taurus and Scorpio in the early 2000s, there were no solar eclipses in Taurus.

Therefore, the most recent solar eclipse we experienced in Taurus was during the prior nodal cycle, on April 29, 1995. There also was a solar eclipse in Taurus in the same degree as the one that happens later Thursday on May 10, 1994.

Gee, that eclipse in 1995 was 18 years ago. Why is this delay significant? Eclipses represent an evolutionary process, helping us move from one place to another. They are the most dependable events for helping us to shift continuity, let go of past habits and attachments and enter new territory.

When a type of eclipse has skipped a sign, it suggests there’s been a kind of delay or pause in the evolutionary process in the area of our lives that sign represents. It might mean ‘stuck’ and it might mean ‘extra long gestation process’ on a particular theme. Further, this suggests we have some catching up to do, with which we’ll have some help from yesterday’s significantly potent Taurus New Moon eclipse (which was exact Thursday, May 9 at 8:28 pm EDT).” Eric Francis (www.PlanetWaves.net)

Just when we think we’ve considered all the reasons why this eclipse passage is so important, another reason surfaces. This is a very rare time on the planet.. what is being uncovered has been buried too long. But it’s time. Whether it was a delay or a long gestation, it’s all the same in the end, isn’t it? A new beginning that is born out of a very long wait. No matter where you look, in any direction, on any level, this experience is positively fractal. It shows up everywhere. If we consider that we too are emerging out of darkness after a long period of being ‘hidden’ away, this eclipse turns out to be a great quantum leap into the new world. What? We knew that already? Yes, but how many directions can we expand into?

This has been a passage marked by super conjunctions and oppositions. This reveals that we have moved much more fully into both 3 and 5D simultaneously. What happens in 3D also occurs, with a slightly different perspective, in 5D. The Gemini Moon plays host to the ongoing ascension and transfiguration of our physical/emotional/mental and spiritual bodies. Mercury is the main dispositor of Gemini, and today features a Sun Mercury super conjunction. The parallel (5D) connections occurs first, at 1:16pm EDT, and the conjunction by degree (3D) occurs at 5:10pm. That means this entire day is marked by the reenergizing of the mental function, by communication and connection that helps us to understand all that’s been taking place inside this rare passage.

Listen for clues and messages that are coming up everywhere. There is something to be discovered at every turn. There is nowhere you can look that won’t be a piece of information you’ll be glad to know. Keep your thoughts, and even more importantly, your reactions, loving. Be kind to yourself and to everyone and everything in your environment. Interaction that comes from the heart right now yields Right Action, and Right Action is the way into 5D.

As we move from Taurus to Gemini we go from planting ourselves in new ground to the transcendent state of unity consciousness. It’s as though what we’ve planted can yield only the highest focus and consciousness. It’s a magical time, when our loving thoughts turn into a magical world. It is vital to remember that what we create is our own reflection.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mercury/Sun conjunction at 22 Taurus. It is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. It never ceases to amaze me how Ellias manages to capture the very essence of the moment whenever these degrees are brought into focus:

Taurus 22: A blindfolded woman who sees the future.

”Being shown strictly what inward vision reveals. Not knowing about all the other factors. Just zeroing in on the revelatory dimension of that which we can witness to when we are starkly concentrated upon one thing alone.

In a stark, tight, crystallized way, we remember how we’ve always done these things and we pass it on to a different world to come. We bridge by holding to the ancient soul faculties, yet tapping these strictly for the purposes of the future and what it bears for all of us as we walk down that endless road.

We are such a bridge between times and realms, such a threshold walker and shape shifter that we find our purpose and our meaning right down the middle of this other-worldly, unworldly path of knowing. There just is not a secondary tie in for this place inside. We follow it purely or it fades into the background.

For we are being chosen to track with the invisible and the , the time-free and expanded spirit streams. We are being groomed to invoke these matters in the traditional, yet futuristic way that by passes the tendency of the separative ego mind. We are being orchestrated to take up a calling which makes us very separate, yet more inwardly connected with the life of the whole then we could be by all the busy activities in the world.

There is a stubborn unyielding element to these influences. There is an implacable and taciturn quality to it. There is not a flexibility, a fluency, a free movement among many spheres. There is a holding to a lineage, a training, an initiation, a past lives capacity which needs to be taken further.

This is not the kind of vibration which everybody will feel at peace with. There is something about it which pulls us all to a depth we may prefer to steer clear of. When this frequency is tapped, the [resulting path] will be sharply adhered to.”

“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.”

– Marilyn Ferguson

If you’d like to have a personal reading from Ellias Lonsdale, you can. Call 831 425-3134 to set up an appointment.

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