• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Gemini
  • Moon enters Cancer: 5:58am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 5:58am
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate

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Last week featured the Mercury Mars super conjunction, which brought about a brand new mind/body alignment under the guidance of Venus in her own Taurus, and all of it inside this wormhole passage. This week the Taurus stellium is disposed by Venus newly ingressed into Gemini and the series of planets makes its way into Mercury’s sign. The focus shifts to Venus and Mercury coming together with a bunch of copycat aspects made first by Venus then by Mercury to calibrate and rework the mind/heart connection. Most interesting is that the Venus Mercury conjunction occurs on May 24th, the date of the final eclipse. Since the eclipse involves the Sun and the Moon, all five of the four body rulers are involved in this latest reworking of homo luminus.

It’s so interesting that the Mind/Body alignment shifted first while the Heart led the way. In 3D it was customary for the body to go last in everything, due to its ‘density’. But the body is every bit as divine and ‘light’ in 5D as any other part, and it makes a lot of sense that the mind align with the physical here in the new world first, to produce whatever the heart desires. (Because that is exactly what manifestation is all about).

During the last week and as a result of the solar eclipse each and every one of us went through a shift related to the way we live in our bodies. An illness, an ‘accident’, a new outlook on physical well-being, or a major battle with an older outlook, we are all on new ground now as it relates to our physicality. (For some this shift began with the last set of eclipses in October/November). This new sense of physical self is the basis for the new you. (You may not be completely through this balancing process yet, so don’t think too much about it). Knowing is so much more important than understanding here in this new realm.

What you Know, even if it’s not all fleshed out and crystal clear, carries a different vibration than what you fear you don’t know. Inner strength and resolution is much more important than crystal clear resolution of the world ‘out there’. It is the inner vision that births the world.

Today the Cancer Moon is very busy. It’s going to feel like a long day because of all the aspects that come together. The Cancer Moon gives us the chance to go within and come from there. It is the energy of just BEING. We can experience our Selves to the fullest this morning, realizing a lot about what’s new. All this is preparation for a very intensive afternoon that features four planetary aspects involving Venus and Mercury. Only one of these four is a Venus aspect, but it’s them most significant one (the other three are subtle, or minor aspects).

Venus squares Neptune at 4:47pm EDT, and this aspect certainly dominates the day. Venus Neptune aspects speak to higher Love, to inspiration and divinity. With Neptune moving through his own sign these days, the ‘confusion’ that was once associated with Neptune is very different now. Clarity is much more possible, but when it isn’t, the fog can be pretty disorienting. What do you do when fog surrounds you? you slow down, you pull over, you even stop if you have to, and surrender to the fact that you can’t see.

This is a moment to go within and gain your clarity there. If you clear up what is confusing you on the inside your light will shine and the fog will dissipate. That’s how it always works. The Sun makes the fog go away. Go into your heart today, wherever you experience confusion, and open it up wide. Let your Light shine. What you find inside you will also appear ‘out there’, as if by magic.

This has always been the case, we just haven’t been conscious enough to recognize our own beliefs as they danced before us. We can only perceive what our consciousness projects. This is the perfect time to come to understand that everything you see out there is you. This kind of consciousness yields the mind/heart balance that is required for ascension. We are ascending now. Don’t’ think about it… Let it be.

“Do what you fear and fear disappears.”

– David Joseph Schwartz

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