• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Cancer: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: NO
  • 5:5 Star Gate

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Here in side this eclipse passage there is a lot of inner realignment taking place. Can you feel it? It’s a huge process, maybe the most profound transformation we humans have ever been through.. It’s so big that whatever is going on in your world MUST be given a back seat while you focus on your Self. Let’s look at it another way: If there’s a lot going on in your world and it seems like more than you can handle, then there’s a lot going on within you that you’re not focused on. When the world screams at you, you’re not paying attention to your Self. Same is true when your body is screaming at you. pay attention to what your world is saying to you now, because it is offering hints that can help you get to exactly where you need to be.

Some of you are having an amazing ride right now. These are all effects of the eclipses, and they are curves, sudden twists to the plot of your life that you’ve been creating as you go. It is time to begin creating out of conscious presence, and that begins with a disciplined approach to whatever is on your plate right this very moment. This very moment is all there is. If you ignore something that is happening here, there is no real point in going ahead. This is the moment to take stock with your heart (NOT your head, which can get you caught up for way too long), and follow your intuitive instincts to a more balanced you.

Pay attention to the esoteric messages. Every part of your body, every part of your car, your home, your family members, everything is symbolic of something. Many of you know what these symbols are about and if you don’t, there is likely somebody you know who does. I am considering doing a Satsang on this topic… It seems like a rich one.

Today Venus makes her way toward an inconjunct with Saturn, which will turn into another Finger of God (with Pluto) in a couple of days. Mercury is right behind. These Fingers of God offer us the chance to choose the high road once and for all, eliminating the fear based path with great consciousness. When this is done it is done for good.

Mercury spends his last full day in Venus’s sign, Taurus. Thinking with the Heart reaches a crescendo now. Make it your practice and this will serve you well when Mercury moves into Gemini (tomorrow inside a void Moon) and spends a little while with Venus and Jupiter, bringing a new mind/heart balance fully on line. Venus and Mercury are preparing to take a journey out of bounds together, and this means the mind/heart connection is moving into new territory. With Jupiter present, there’s no telling how expansive this can be, but it promises to take us where we’ve never been before. This eclipse is unlike any we’ve known before. This is why it’s important to remain open and detached to any outcome. In this way we can insure that we get to the best possible destination.

As the planets move into Gemini we begin to focus on the Gemini Sagittarius polarity, which is the way this eclipse passage will take us. Gemini/Sagittarius is about wisdom and our capacity to act from the heart center. With a balanced mind/heart/body/spirit system, which is what we’re all moving toward right now, this too will be a brand new experience.

I’m so glad we’re all in this together.

” Basically getting what you want is most efficiently accomplished by pretending you already have it.
All of the time.”

The Universe (Mike Dooley) www.tut.com

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