• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Sagittarius: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: NO
  • FULL MOON (Moon opposing Sun): 12:25am
  • PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE: 4 Sagittarius 08

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At 12:25am EDT we experience the third eclipse of this current worm hole passage. It is an eclipse that has Jupiterian energy, as it is in Sagittarius, and this eclipse is the SAME eclipse that occurred last year in June, just before the Venus transit that fully delivered the Divine Feminine to the planet. What is interesting about this year’s eclipse is that it occurs with Venus and Mercury conjunct each other, rendering each of us with a brand new mind/heart balance, and these two planets are also traveling with Jupiter. It is time to transcend the old duality once and for all. Jupiter promises a very expansive experience once we decide to take the leap. And, once decided, the eclipse is divinely timed to deliver us to that place we’ve not been to before: unity consciousness.

These next two weeks are profound. They provide a momentum and a shift unlike any other we have ever undertaken. Venus and Mercury produce a balanced Mind/Heart connection that is also traveling outside the ecliptic, taking us to new territory within this newly balanced state of consciousness. It’s all brand new and very expansive. And as expansive as it is, it’s nothing compared to what’s up ahead. But let’s stay focused on the now, because if we don’t, then what’s possible will be unnecessarily diminished by our inability to remain present in the now.

Remaining in the moment at all costs is the main event right now. Nothing is more important, except maybe the capacity to stay detached from the movie that is the world. The events taking place are essential to the transition of the 3D version of Earth into the 5D. It is happening and it has already happened. There is no point in getting emotionally involved with the events taking place. Nothing can change them. They were created out of actions taken a long time ago. What CAN change is the way we react to these events. LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER.

This Full Moon brings the events of the past month AND the past year to a fruition point, and the next two weeks will reveal a lot about what has happened. In a way the last year has been so fraught with intense energies, it’s been impossible to tell what’s actually going on. During the next two weeks a lot of this confusion will clear up, IF we are willing to diligently remain focused on the NOW. Neptune is squaring this full Moon event, which indicates that we go into the full Moon thoroughly confused, but we can come out of it, at the next new Moon on June 9th, so much clearer about our state of being.

It will take these two weeks to gain that clarity. Once the Summer Solstice arrives we will be in a new position to go forward. One we never dreamed was possible. From Summer Solstice to Fall Equinox we will undertake an expansion unlike any other we’ve ever known. We will expand multidimensionally all at once. To get through that effectively, we will need to be in a state of total allowing. This is what we are practicing now.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Full Moon event, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks. (These get freakier every time)::

Sagittarius 5: Three women materializing out of a fog.

”A triple karma. One dimension of soul is poignantly poised. Another dimension of soul is grotesquely out of whack. A third dimension of soul is trying so hard to hold it all together.

None of these prevails against the others. They remain simultaneously here now. They cannot be shaken off or wished away or made to fit with the others. Each is meant to be lived to the full. All of them are at odds with each other.

The poignantly poised one remembers, remains, feels all those ancient ways, keeps the space open for ancient timeless discoveries, breakthroughs, and terrible regrets. She is dreaming so deep that she cannot be disturbed. She is allowed to drift inward, into her melancholy, and to be convinced that the others are illusory, ephemeral, not really there.

The grotesquely out-of-whack one is acting out the part of being lost, being dropped in here from nowhere, lacking context or motivation. This one is ill, crazy, captivated by shadows and semblances. She is swept away by her fears, her terrors. And she is given permission to agitate the atmosphere and keep the karma perpetually stirred up and troubled.

The one who tries to hold it all together is usually identified with as the self. She is far more overtly on tap than the others. Her path is to function, to operate, to make everything work. She does this so well that her sisters are mostly secrets. But she is up against a tough task. She has to cover for the others all the time. And even as she does, she feels like she’s not moving forward, she’s just somehow avoiding the worst. Her ultimate part is to stay faithful to all this as one, refusing to fragment, coming through.

“The wise know that too much doing and a thing won’t get done. The secret to manifesting on the highest level is to find the perfect amount of doing and non-doing to allow the doing to be done. Sometimes much more can be accomplished simply by letting go and trusting.”
Jackson Kiddard

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