• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Taurus: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 9:26am - Midnight
  • 6:6 Star Gate

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Today the Moon is in Venus’s sign and she makes a bunch of aspects throughout the day, going void at 9:26am, unless you count the sextile the Moon makes to Chiron at 3:04pm EDT…. (I do). This is a very interesting phenomenon that breaks all the old (and I mean ancient) rules of astrology. According to the ancient system, the Moon goes void after it makes the last MAJOR aspect to a PLANET and before it moves into the next sign. By definition, all aspects that occur inside a void must be subtle (formerly minor) aspects.

When a major aspect occurs inside a void, the Moon is not void. So now the question is, is Chiron a planet? Unless you were born in the 19th Century, Chiron is a major player and must be considered a viable celestial object. Granted, astronomers have termed it a CENTAUR, which is a kind of planet, but a viable planet it is. So you tell me… Is the Moon void at 9:30am this morning or at 3:05pm? Live it and then tell me.

This is the perfect example of how consciousness changed everything and not the other way around. What is a rule, anyway? Isn’t is something someone we perceive to be authority says is so? You could say that rules are also what we call scientific equations, but we have lived through enough of those being changed to know that nothing we say is so is necessarily so.

It is good, it is healthy to question the rules. Not to say to break them, or to play with them, a healthy respect for the majority’s opinion is always a good idea. But to question what we’ve been told for centuries is true and to see a different application for an old rule is not only healthy, it is vital and imperative from time to time. Otherwise, how would anything ever change?

And isn’t change the one rule of the universe?

So today the Moon moves through Venus’s sign (Taurus) and goes void somewhere in the stretch, and remains void for more than 24 hours (until 11:33pm tomorrow night), when she enters Mercury’s sign, Gemini. Once she enters Gemini we will be in the dark of the Moon, that quiet, fallow period just before the new Moon (which takes place on Saturday, the 8th).

Venus and Mercury are dancing together in a major ways right now, which makes the Moon’s journey through their respective signs extremely important. These two rulers of the Mind and Heart are about to deliver from the wormhole to our most authentic sovereign selves. They are traveling together out of bounds, (in uncharted consciousness territory), and forming pictures, IMPORTANT pictures, with the outer planets, one after the other.

They are both traveling through Cancer, preparing the way for Jupiter’s ingress later this month. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, and it always brings a movement toward the heart center. Now that we have taken up residence in our heart centers, this promises to be a major year ahead. But not before we expand into our Selves… And that’s exactly what we’re about to do.

“This moment is all that is guaranteed – use it to express the depth of your love and to wipe your slate clean of any resentment you are holding on to. Life is too precious to carry the weight of the past with you! Let it go and start to grow!”

– Jackson Kiddard

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