• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Gemini: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • NEW MOON (Moon conjunct Sun): 11:57am
  • 18 Gemini 01
  • 6:6 Star Gate

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Yesterday was a very important day and we could all feel it. Today is a majorly important day too, but it’s SO big, we may not be able to grasp its vastness at all. There are only 5 planetary events all together today, but four of them are major, including the New Moon that marks the end of the worm hole/eclipse passage we’ve been traveling through for the past 6 weeks. It’s a good thing it’s a new Moon, because if it were full it might just take too many of us over the top. At least with a New Moon the energies are somewhat contained within the seed that represents the growth and the blossoming to come.

Every New Moon marks the end and a beginning, but this one marks the end of a ‘side trip’ to a new consciousness. Well, the end and the beginning. A side trip is one thing, now we get to ‘move in’ based on what we’ve seen. Today’s new Moon is ruled by, or given its disposition by Mercury, who is out of bounds, (traveling through uncharted consciousness territory), and has just launched the first Grand Water trine/Kite of the season. Mercury is the force behind our great expansion, and Venus is right behind.

Mercury also squares Uranus today, and any Mercury Uranus aspect brings unexpected news. The square indicates growth. Sometimes we need to be powerfully unsettled to grow, sometimes not. The more open hearted we are to whatever comes, the less likely we will require upheaval to get where we’re going. With Uranus in Mars’s sign, it won’t be surprising if physical issues come up. The body starts speaking when we can’t hear anything else.

Mars is also in on today’s act, forming a great eliminator with Saturn. Mars Saturn is about physical limits, or the use of one’s energy. Integrity and well-timed efforts are rewarded under these aspects. The Great Eliminators ALWAYS bring up the need to choose the high road. What seems like a choice really isn’t one, and we know it. Make decisions about your physical well-being or the use of your life force energy with an eye toward the high road, without exception today.

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new chapter, our FIRST chapter in the new world. What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s always amazing meditation for this degree, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Gemini 19: Strange creatures peeking out from behind trees.

”The greatest surprise is how destiny works. We can’t figure it out. We can’t get out of it. Whatever we try to do, whichever thought patterns we identify within, it always turns out that what we least expected and assumed was the main thing, and that what we seized upon was that which fit the old pictures, not what’s coming into being now.

We trick ourselves in order to get on with the dance. We plant an x-factor where we can’t root it out. Then we must show up, we must go through the changes, we can’t do it on automatic.

For we’ve made an agreement ahead of time. We have arranged it within inward and outward forces that we will be tripped up, we will be given what we need to grow and evolve; not what we want.

The great thing about this is it’s too late to change our mind. So the only way to go is to float loose and go free. Any other becomes absurd. We are in a wild ride and our attitude counts for everything.

When we balk, we bring the house down all around us. When we move into it, the destiny dance becomes the perfect way to find what we’re made of. Truth or consequences. We choose.

There is inside of all this destiny trickery. As well a basic, straightforward ongoing experience. We are here learning to embrace the unknown with open arms. It is not easy to do that. For it means that we leap beyond ourselves at every turn.

Yet if we ever catch the knack, what was so puzzling and confusing and even maddening turns into the clearest, most spacious and encouraging of vistas. What it takes is a change of heart to say the yes without a no.”

“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.”

– Marilyn Ferguson

If you’d like to have a personal reading from Ellias Lonsdale, you can. Call 831 425-3134 to set up an appointment.

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