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It’s not too late to share in the oneness of the wonderful Satsang we shared on Wednesday June 5th on the Mirrored Self…. . You can purchase the MP3 right here. http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/category/downloads/monthly-satsang
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PLEASE JOIN ME FOR MY 2013 SUMMER SOLSTICE TELECONFERENCE, EXPAND INTO YOUR SELF Friday, June 21st, 7-8:30pm EDT… for a 90 minute discussion of all the astrological and spiritual events that will make up the fabric of our Summer months. This is the year of the Ascension. We have been through much inner transformation and realignment during the Winter and Spring, and now it is time to step up into our authentic selves and reclaim our sovereignty. As always, I will discuss the major planetary events of this most important season from the perspective of Cosmic Consciousness.
You don’t have to be on the call to receive the MP3. A download link will be sent to all who are registered within 12 hours of the teleconference.
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Please join me on Sat June 22nd @ 12 noon EST for the next Sacred Feet energy healing!
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Mercury and Venus are working together to deliver us to a new mind/heart balanced consciousness. They are traveling outside the ecliptic together, which is the same as saying our mental and emotional bodies are experiencing themselves in uncharted consciousness territory. Mercury has entered his retrograde shadow as of last night, so that everything we experience along the lines of communication and connection will be revisited in the weeks to come. This always gives us the chance to bring our full consciousness to every moment, (though we remain inclined NOT to, for the most part). The more fully we attend to each moment, the more powerful the retrograde cycle will be for us.

Yesterday Venus and Mercury came together by latitude. This is technically called a parallel. Parallels are like energetic or super conscious conjunctions, and they occur on the ecliptic, or that part of the universe we see when we look out into the heavens from earth. Actually this conjunction occurred just outside of, just north of the ecliptic… just out of bounds from our usual perspective. This is a huge, fairly rare event. For two planets to form a parallel is not uncommon, but to do so out of bounds is.

Venus and Mercury are, in fact, in the middle of a colossal super conjunction. They conjoined by degree on May 24th in Gemini, just hours before the last eclipse. And they will conjoin again on Thursdsay June 20th, just before Mercury goes retrograde. This conjunction also occurs after both Mercury and Venus return to the realm of the ecliptic, which means that whatever they achiever at the level of higher consciousness s they journey out of bounds together can be grounded and brought into the more mundane realm at this second conjunction.

And yesterday’s out of bounds parallel turns this entire month into a humongous Mercury Venus super conjunction. All this in the midst of these two lower body rulers paving the way for the Jupiter Saturn Neptune Pluto Grand Trine/Kite formation, which becomes exact at the same time Mercury goes retrograde and takes us back over all this new understanding.

We have our work cut out for us. There’s a lot to grasp. Today Mercury trines Chiron and Venus will follow suit next Friday. These two trines are, no doubt, a big part of the alignment process that is taking place within each of us right now. There’s a whole lot of healing going on. Let it come

“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.”

– John Ruskin

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