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  • Moon in Libra: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 6:6 Star Gate

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It’s hard to describe what an amazingly powerful summer we are heading into, because there’s so much going on within that is being reflected by the stunning planetary pictures in the cosmos ‘out there’. We’ve discussed the Grand Trine/Kite, which will be in effect all summer long. There have been numerous Fingers of God in the past weeks and another one is activated today. This one too will last all summer. It’s one thing for a picture to form and then dissipate, but these long lasting formations represent something much more lasting within each of us, so let’s look more closely.

Today Mars and Uranus come together in a sextile, which is always a major part of a Finger of God. (The Finger gets created by the third planet, opposite and mid-way between the two sextiled planets, making for the pointy picture). In this case, the third planet is Saturn, the inner Guru, and I’ll get to him in a moment.

Mars rules the physical body and also all the energy and drive within us that directs all we do. Mars is the primary dispositor of Aries, which is the part of our consciousness where the higher mind (Christ consciousness) kicks in. It makes so much sense to me that Mars rules the sign that activates the higher mind AND also rules over the physical body. In this lifetime these two aspects of Self go together.

Uranus presides over the higher Self. He is known as the great Awakener, because he ‘zaps’ us into a greater state of awareness. Uranus’s energy is the first stop on our way to the higher Self. Today’s sextile between Mars and Uranus should give us some great insight into the ways in which our physicality has changed. We can BE in our bodies differently than before. Primarily we understand so much more fully that our bodies house our higher Selves and they require as much TLC and any other part of us.

It is possible that this sextile can go a long way toward transforming our physical bodies even more fully than they’ve been changed so far. We do have a ways to go… Let the metamorphosis go on.

Saturn represents the outer edges of the physical realm and any time you put Saturn and Uranus together you have the theme of shifting from lower to higher self. Also, these are the two planets that Chiron connects in his eccentric Centaur orbit, and Chiron has just gone retrograde. This theme of shifting the physical body form a lower version to a higher one is a summertime focus.

Saturn is currently making his way to his own station, and he will go direct on July 6th at 4 Scorpio. He has already formed the inconjunct to Uranus for the first two times, beginning last year on November 15 and then again on April 20th this year. This Finger of God will complete itself (energetically) on October 2 of this year.

Many of us have had major physical issues come up during this year. Even if you’ve been perfectly healthy, your body has undergone some significant changes, and that is what this Finger of God is reflecting. The fact that it’s a Finger of God, as opposed to say a Grand Trine or a T-Square, implies that conscious choices are essential here. When consciousness is applied to a Finger of God circumstance, much progress along the high road results.

Choose to honor your body and be glad you’re here. You are here, you know. Might as well surrender to it.

“Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries.”
— Theodore Roethke

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