• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Moon Void of Course: 3:17pm - Midnight
  • 6:6 Star Gate

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As we head into the Summer Solstice on Friday morning, we have this one more day filled with major connections between the lower body rulers and Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter come together at the outer edge of the ecliptic, making for yet another conscious stretch into the new world, this time with a heart centered focus. Venus and Jupiter are the two most benevolent archetypes, and for them to come together on the ecliptic at the Summer Solstice is a great sign indeed.

The Scorpio Moon keeps Pluto’s influence in the mix. Pluto is going to provide the lift to the Grand Trine that is manifesting all throughout next month. There is a major rebirthing and resurrection theme going on. This can take place at any level of your experience… mental, emotional spiritual or physical. It is a prerequisite to our entry into 5D.

The Moon goes void today at 3:17pm EDT for the rest of the day and inside that void Mercury and Venus come together at 22 Cancer. This is a mind/heart connection of the highest order. That it occurs inside a void is significant too, because inside a void we are more capable of allowing the energies to manifest and show themselves to us. This Venus Mercury conjunction is important also because both of these planets have just returned from out of bounds journeys. They have gathered new consciousness and this conjunction marks the beginning of a new cycle that utilizes that new state of being.

This Venus Mercury conjunction occurs hours before the Summer Solstice takes place. It is, for all intents and purposes, a part of the Solstice event. This Summer Solstice marks one of the most important seasons humanity has ever lived through and it too begins inside a void Moon. With a Super Moon taking place just 2 days later, it seems as though we are poised for everything to shift.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the Venus Mercury conjunction, reprinted with his permission from is book Star Sparks. 22 is a master number, an energy that takes us to new levels of personal integrity and empowerment.

Cancer 22: Bunches of watercress growing by a cool spring.

”Feeling sheltered. Sensing so close, a spirit presence. Becoming entwined around the safe territory of the sacred, of the [divine] , of that which in us calls us so deeply within. Placing all of our being inside the sacred enclosure. And then coming from her in everything we [bring forth].

Representing and embodying the close touch of spirit in all is tendrils and fine coils. Being inside the magic as a given. We know these things from before. They are here now again, as ever. They do not vary with time.

Ensouling each and every situation with our ability to behold, to witness that which is most meaningful and redemptive at the center of any situation. Being determined and dedicated to stay with what we have always known and to give it forth afresh, to accord with what is needed now.

Having this remarkable ability to sit back inside and commune with the elements, from the sacred circle, the ritual of shared remembrance and true spirit presence. Just naturally tapping the source that never can run dry. Having that warmed-through sense of it which makes all disturbances and diversions unable to intrude within what is intended and what is held in the balance.

Most especially being granted the potential to spread this energy and feeling tone far and wide. Tapping it as something so archetypal and universal that it is the common [denominator] for any and all souls, gatherings contexts. For this is the Mother lode. Who could not belong to it really?

Being strongly urged by spirit call to bear witness to these timeless realizations and to give this fiercely into future generations. A surge of power perpetually recirculating the resource, the [core] , the place of getting what it truly means to be aligned with the total design. We came to it in this moment and all of us share very full in what arises.”

” Our main role, so to speak, is to stand in LOVE, to BE LOVE, to radiate LOVE in neutrality to all polarity. THIS is what it truly means to be an ascended master, to transcend duality…to release the need to partake in the human drama, the karmic system of creation any longer.”
Lauren Gorgo

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