• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Virgo
  • Moon enters Libra: 3:41am
  • Moon Void of Course: No

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That void Moon helped a lot yesterday, didn’t it? Those last few days before that were pretty intense, providing us with one opportunity after another to embrace all that is and surrender. It may seem as though it’s just a tough day, but there is always, always, always a grand design, and this is no exception. We need the practice. What will we do when we’re out there BEING world teachers and the dramas of everyday life are all around us? We need to be in neutral gear all the time, and it can’t be an act, though acting as if right now is a good thing.

The energy definitely eased up a little when the Moon went void at 11:30am EDT yesterday and remained so for the rest of the day. The void Moons seem to go well with the retrograde Mercury, though that’s just a theory at this point and will need some more testing.

The Moon enters Libra early this morning, and all the intensity shifts to a focus on the emerging Unity consciousness. In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of Highest Realization, the sign of Physical Power, and these two concepts are one and the same. Embodiment in physical form generates the experience of separation, and the highest realization we can have is that there IS NO separation. Two becomes One in Libra, the sign of the mirrored Self.

At this moment, as we bring the higher Christed consciousness fully into our physical being, the physical rises up to meet it. We are changing radically at the 3D AND 5D levels. Today, as the Libra Moon makes her way through a series of squares, (read GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES), to Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, a cardinal T-square challenges us to remember the sacred union of self and Self today. Early tomorrow morning the Moon will oppose Uranus and form a cardinal cross, which will ask each and every one of us to step up into our most authentic selves and BE the One we came here to BE.

Uranus is in his retrograde station, and all the awakening he has brought to us this past year will now have a chance to integrate. We have about another week before Mars and Jupiter come together in the Grand Water Trine of all Grand Water Trines and the major expansion becomes our reality.

One more week, people. It’s uncomfortable, yes, but don’t dwell on that, or it will become the world you’re living in. Think upon what happens when we allow discomfort and it moves us to greater expression.

“Love conquers all things; let us surrender to Love.”

– Virgil

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