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  • Moon Void of Course: 10:02am - Midnight

Jon Waldrup, who writes the Moon reports for us, has an amazing new app, called the Moon Temple Oracle. It has amazing information about the Moon, it’s location, it’s phase, and more. Not to mention the amazing oracle Jon has created. Go to your APP store and get it!!!

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Here is a must read article, but please read this column first!

I forgot to mention yesterday that the Full Moon was the last of three Super Moons in a row. I’m sure there isn’t a soul on the planet that did not experience the superintensity of the last three months on the emotional level. It’s been a wild ride, and it isn’t over yet. Yhe Grand Water trines continue all summer long, and a new one is activated right now by Mercury, retracing his retrograde steps, trining Chiron and the Moon’s North Node. The trine to Chiron is definitely in place, but it never does become partile (exact). This might be very frustrating if we weren’t in Mercury’s shadow… On the other hand, nothing happens without purpose. This Mercury Chiron ‘almost’ trine could be just what we need to move into the higher consciousness we’ve been accessing for good.

These two trines, Mars/Jupiter trine Saturn trine Neptune and Mercury trine Chiron trine North Node will continue all summer, as Jupiter and Mars move into position and take over for Mercury. Venus kicked off this latter Grand trine on June 15, and the Sun followed on July 6th. What is so amazing about these trines is that the outer planets are moving so slowly they are ‘holding a space’ (reflecting, of course, the space we are each holding within our being, conscious or not). One by one the planets, ruling the four body system, come into this trine energy and are immediately (and easily) attuned.

But if yesterday’s planets represented the ‘dawning of the Age of Aquarius’, there is an even more compelling picture that is about to form, on July 29, A Star of David, also known as a Grand Sextile, or as Randy CosmicHand Bruner puts it (and I like it a lot) a Grand Merkaba. This picture, a six sides geometric form with a six pointed star within it, will surround each and every one of us, and the earth, like an upgraded energy field. Randy calls it the Day out of Time. I like that too.

It’s a major star gate, formed by Mars/Jupiter trine Saturn trine Neptune and Venus Pluto and the Moon. The second trine seems to me to be the ultimate resurrection of the Divine Feminine within. In such a powerful formation with the already existing Grand trine of Ascension and physical transformation, it’s hard to imagine anything more significant at this point in time.

The Moon is void for most of this day. Go into your heart, allow who you are to emerge, even though you still don’t know who that is, exactly. You will never know if you don’t allow your Self to be seen. This is the new Aquarian principle: Love your Self so unconditionally that there is no part of you you’re unwilling to express. Everything is Love. Everything.

I wholeheartedly refer you to Randy Bruner’s article, the link to which I provided in the first paragraph, to give everyone access to it. Faster your seatbelt before you read it. This ship is taking off….

“Your neighbor is your other self dwelling behind a wall. In understanding, all walls shall fall down.”
– Kahlil Gibran

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