• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Pisces: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 2:44pm - Midnight
  • 7:7 Star Gate

Jon Waldrup, who writes the Moon reports for us, has an amazing new app, called the Moon Temple Oracle. It has amazing information about the Moon, it’s location, it’s phase, and more. Not to mention the amazing oracle Jon has created. Go to your APP store and get it!!!

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Some of you may have read by now the article I put up in the writings section by Maurice Fernandez, another wonderful astrologer I have recently come across (Thank you CK!).. I heard from many of you yesterday proclaiming that you could FEEL Princess Diana’s energy in the new life of the Prince. This explains beyond any doubt why the young Prince carries such a profound divine feminine presence… The article by Maurice is an astrological delineation which makes an interesting case for the idea that Prince George is the reincarnation of Diana.. You can find Maurice on Facebook…

I am inclined to believe in this reality, as the baby was born on the day of the Feast of Mary Magdeline. With Venus conjunct Regulus at 0 Virgo, the Divine Mother energy is elevated in his chart and colors his world. He is most literally born under a lucky star. AND, as Vicky Lynn Macchione pointed out, his name, George Alexander Louis provides the acronym GAL. You can’t make this stuff up!

So the Prince has arrived and the Grand Trines are in full effect. In fact this day opens with the Pisces Moon producing an accentuating exclamation point on the already very powerful Grand Water Trine that is the reflection of all the amazing growth we are heading into. Late last night the Moon conjoined with Neptune and trined Saturn, and first thing this morning she will trine Jupiter and Mars (and shortly thereafter sextile Pluto, lest we forget the rebirthing energy that is providing lift to all this multidimensional shifting). This day gets offto a very expansive start.

Then the Sun and Mercury come together mid morning, and this is an important 5D connection that echoes the Sun Mercury conjunction that is in the process of completing itself.. In other words, we will come to understand what these last weeks and months have offered us, IF, and that’s a big IF, we are in acceptance mode. Surrender to whatever is happening to you, whether you like it or not, whether it’s good or bad. There is so much to be gleaned from what occurs to you today, or what is said to you, or what is happening around you. Pay attention, not by looking ‘out there’, but by being fully present.

The Moon goes void at 2:44pm after trining Mercury and conjoining Chiron, giving us our first hint of the new Grand Water trine that is setting up to take over later this summer… (North Node, Jupiter, Chiron).. This is truly the year of the Water Events, physically, mentally emotionally and cosmically.

But another Grand trine is forming, and Venus is a big part of it. Tonight, inside the Pisces void Moon, Venus makes three very distinct aspects that bring her front and center. She is in Virgo, don’t forget, sign of the Divine Mother, birther of the Christ (consciousness). So everything she does is extremely significant at this time, and every time she (or any other planet) moves into Virgo, the first thing that happens is a conjunction with Regulus, the royal and very fortunate star. Venus is the first of all the four body rulers to visit Virgo this year. That she is making these aspects tonight inside a void Moon (she entered Virgo inside a void as well), promises very significant Divine Feminine events. As above so below. We have already seen this in a major way with the birth of the Prince, and that’s just the beginning. We are in for a major treat.

Tonight Venus opposes Neptune and sextiles Saturn, and then she forms a 5D polarity with Saturn as well. If we’re going to create a new world, we will have to think very differently about aspects such as these.. They do, after all, reflect us… It’s like looking in the mirror and for the first time ever deciding that you’re way more beautiful or compelling than you ever perceived before.

Why can’t these aspects produce a kind of higher awareness that comes from the heart that allows us to Love our Selves that much more fully? A Venus Saturn sextile would support that sort of thing anyway, but followed by a 5D polarity, there is SUCH a great chance to take it all to a new level. It’s something to focus on while we’re in this expansion. Remember what you focus on becomes your world.

“Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.”
— Jose Ortega y Gasset

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