• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Moon enters Gemini: 11:42am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 11:42am
  • 7:7 Star Gate

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It is almost impossible to believe we have come to the end of July already! It’s been a huge month, but you know what they say… it’s not over till the fat lady sings. The Grand Merkaba may be completed technically, but the outer planets involved (namely Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) will hold their positions throughout most of the summer time, and the Moon’s South Node will also remain in position through to September. The only vacant position, the Virgo planet, will be replaced one after the other by the rulers of the four body system. That means we will be accompanied by the energy of this Grand Sextile all the way through to the Fall.

Since the 12/12/12 portal, all the lower body rulers have been traveling together, en masse, making very important pictures that have reflected the inner alignment we are all completing at this time. That cluster of planets is beginning to break up, which means this major recalibration process is just about over. This is the last ‘march of the four body rulers’ we will see for a while, literally signaling the end of the ascension process.

The Moon will be void in Taurus until 11:42am EDT, when she enters Gemini. Duality should look completely different to us now, because we are observing it from the other side of the bridge. Before we left the world of separation consciousness, the ‘other’ appeared to exist across some chasm, that we never even thought about crossing. With a more unified consciousness, we can see that all that was once perceived as ‘not me’ exists as the other end of a bridge that connects the two ‘parts’ together. This gives major new meaning to the opposition, doesn’t it?

Wherever you are on the bridge today, you will likely be feeling the energies of the building Mars Uranus square, that becomes exact within us all at 11:08pm EDT. The Grand Merkaba featured a major T-Square, more squares between the Sun, Moon and Saturn (with the Nodes), and while this was a major growth aspect that actually went a long way to help us get that Bridge connected, it would have been more of a featured effort had it not been for the Grace of the Grand Merkaba energies.

Today’s Mars Uranus square comes on the heels of that Grand Sextile, and everything about the way this aspect plays out in your life depends on the state you’re in. Mars is out of bounds, ad he played a major role in the Merkaba picture, so that IF you are willing to allow it all to unfold, as fearlessly as you can, (Mars is associated with fearlessness, isn’t he?), this can take you places you’ve never been before. Mars rules the physical body, so pay attention to sudden messages your body gives you…

This used to be the most accident prone planetary connection there was, but we know now that accidents don’t really exist, and that they offer the most expansive and important experiences we can have. I am not advocating accidents, just putting forth a perspective that will hopefully help you to be unafraid going into this planetary event.

Tomorrow we move into the 8 vibration, with the advent of August, and 8 means transformation and rebirth. Fasten seatbelts….

“One man with courage makes a majority.”
– Andrew Jackson

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