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The last few days have been all about Mercury, or should I say, the focus has been on the new consciousness, and I haven’t spoken to anyone who isn’t aware of it. Some are up and some are down, and while this looks like the old paradigm, I am convinced that those that are down right now are clearing the final remnants of the separation consciousness. Any bit of negativity that’s up now is here for the clearing. Find the courage within you to let it all go.

And this is a great and interesting day to do that, as Mercury finishes up his latest calibration process and then connects with Venus in a subtle semisquare early tomorrow morning. A semisquare brings up issues that require creative solutions. This seems to imply that a brand new mind/heart connection is being forged as a result of the new mental focus we are attaining. If we look more closely at Venus, we may be able to understand a little bit of what’s just up ahead.

Venus, ruler of the heart center, spends these next two days crossing the world axis. This means that plenty of global events will take place that reflect the newest condition of the heart. Whatever you pick up on in your world will certainly be your own newest reflection.

More importantly, Venus spends her last day in Virgo, the sign of the Divine Mother, and the last degree of the sign is always about the Mastery of it. Come from compassion and nurturing as best you can today, particularly toward your Self. If you make this conscious effort, you will find amazing new properties attached to your emotional body.

This is such a sacred degree when applied to the new order, that I am reprinting Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for it, with his permission. I feel it gets the point across way better than I can:

Virgo 30: Supersensible Beings manifesting through geometric forms.

”Human consciousness is stretching beyond itself in order to encompass all the greater states of awareness which are there on the subtle frequencies. To give ourselves over to the experiment, the passage, the multiple shifts in consciousness is to become progressively so many different ways, and always to be still in the formative design stage.

We are here possessed of a rare faculty. We may try to reduce it to the old mental categories. But it defies such efforts and strivings, and outlasts them. We can’t explain it, we can’t define it, we can’t control it, we can’t prove it, but it’s there.

We are given a cosmic ingredient, an evolutionary missing piece. Our task is to follow where this leads us and stay out of the way. If we are faithful to the task, we will be shown, and we will follow what is revealed very fruitfully and effectively.

If we should stop and get self-conscious about carrying such a treasure, we can develop confounding complications around it and around ourselves. Because once we start doubting, questioning, wondering, reducing, it all seems to shatter and disappear.

Yet as soon as we calm down, get centered, and look forward, there it is again. It knows a lot better than we do what’s going on here and where it leads. And each time we groove into following, surrendering, realizing, it is so simple, so direct.

Sometimes it is hard to learn the most obvious lessons, especially when we went past them, a long time ago. Lessons about compassion and acceptance and humility. Lessons about embracing every state of mind and every world we might be part of. And lessons about letting go of every identification, especially the ones most special and gifted.”

Tomorrow Venus moves into Libra, and that’s a whole other journey that needs a new heart for processing.. I will discuss much more about that tomorrow. As she enters Libra, though, she begins her passage as the latest focus that is setting off the Uranus Pluto square. We will get into this in the weeks to come, but suffice it to say, we are obviously headed for a brand new modus operandi where the heart is concerned.

Stay tuned.

”When you finally see what this whole time-space-thing is all about, you’re going to laugh; you’re going to cry; and you’re going to be so, so, so, so, so happy you LOVED as much as you did. “

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