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  • Moon Void of Course: 9:39pm - Midnight

Satsang is a gathering of like-minded, like-hearted people, and it’s one of the most important things we can do for ourselves as we move collectively into a new state of consciousness. You can purchase an MP3 of my Satsangs by going to: http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/category/downloads/monthly-satsang

Next Satsang will be Wednesday September 4th at 7pm and the topic will be How To Love Your Self Better
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**Please Note: for the first time ever in the history of this web site there are no horoscopes this week. I am taking a much needed vacation. Britt Martin will write the scopes for the next two weeks (after this one), and I will be back on September 9th. The Daily Weather will continue as usual. Thank you all for your continued Love and support.

Greetings from Mt Shasta… This place is buzzing with excitement over the upcoming second Merkaba that becomes exact on Sunday. I hope you had a few moments to check out the video I put up on the site yesterday. Up here they are calling Sunday’s events The Trigger… I have been calling it The Launch. Same thing. Remember that wave we’ve been gathering on, preparing to travel en masse, to bring our unified light to the world? Well, it’s take off time.

While we gathered we endured that huge wave of energy that basically produced the contrast we are leaving in very massive form. Up and down we went, in a way more exaggerated manner than ever, just to make clear the importance and significance of unity consciousness. Here’s the thing: We achieve unity consciousness on a purely individual basis, learning to get still and BE still, go within, clear our karmic (egoic) circumstances, which prevent us from gaining higher ground, and finally reaching that place within that is the Christed Self. Then we worked to bring that higher Self into the physical experience.

None of that has been easy. Now that we are here, it is all about joining forces with others who have achieved the same thing. The journey to 5D happens on the most individual, most inner journey there is. But the journey through 5D is a group experience. We Light Holders are far more efficient and significant when we lock arms and go forward together. And that is exactly what we are doing on this wave, which is just about ready to go.

To keep you updated about our activities here, we went to visit Bev Wilson at the Crystal House for a group attunement to the Mountain. She creates and uses singing bowls made of precious metals and gems, and teaches about alignment, attunement, and unity consciousness. She played for us for about a half hour, and let us feel it, and then declared that we are experiencing our Selves without any skin to limit us, and that this is our true state. I bring my groups to visit Bev every year, because there just isn’t a better way to gain acclimation to the sacred Mountain we are on.

Later we joined a small group of Babaji devotees to sign kirtans around a campfire under the full Aquarius Moon. It was a blue Moon, and so it was fitting that a Blue Light Being joined us and danced all the while we sang. We sat for about three hours on Red Fir Flat, which is on the Mountain, and had another experience of unity. That Aquarian energy is different, and that’s a good word to describe what we shared Tuesday night.

I can’t help but notice that contrast is very present right now. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spend a good long time so focused on the 5D unity consciousness that the 3D contrasts fell away most of the time. This phase is more about balancing the two dimensions. It is increasingly obvious to me that if I am going to stay here, I once again have to be willing to embrace 3D, even if I don’t live there anymore. Ignoring it means, more and more obviously, that I will have to leave it, and that is not my desire at this time.

Mercury is active today, in subtle but significant ways, and the big news today is the Sun moving into Virgo. This Leo Virgo cusp is profoundly connected to the Egyptian Age that is the exact opposite of the one we’re in now. Polarities, like contrasts, are very up front these days. The Leo Virgo cusp is where this whole cycle began. We are at the turning point, the middle, headed back to our true Source, our true state.

The Virgo energies are some of the most important in Cosmic Consciousness, as they represent the Divine Mother who births the Christ consciousness. This Divine Feminine energy is very fitting for this week, (Mercury follows shortly), because going within and staying within while taking the hand of our fellow Light Bringers, is the key to it all. With a strong inner focus, face forward and know that you are not alone. We are strong together, but we only remain strong when we are riveted to the inner plane.

Prepare for the journey of your lifetime.

“You Are
In the Right Place,
At the Right Time,
Doing the Right Thing,
With the Right People,
For the Right Reason,
Everything is Perfect.
You Can Have the Right Results!
All you need is a Right Heart & Mind…
an Open Heart & Mind.
& remember to keep your Eyes Open too!”

– Anon

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