• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Gemini: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 12:45am - Midnight
  • 8:8 Star Gate

Satsang is a gathering of like-minded, like-hearted people, and it’s one of the most important things we can do for ourselves as we move collectively into a new state of consciousness. You can purchase an MP3 of my Satsangs by going to: http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/category/downloads/monthly-satsang

Next Satsang will be Wednesday September 4th at 7pm and the topic will be How To Love Your Self Better
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Please join me for my Fall Equinox Teleconference, on Sunday, September 22, at 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT, 9pm GT. This 90 minute event will offer all the astrological and spiritual guidance needed for the new season. I said in the beginning of the year that each season this year would be something spectacular, and this coming Autumn is no exception. To start, this is the season when our 5D selves and our 3D selves merge for good. And thus the manifestation of the new world begins!
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What a very strange week. I feel a little like I’ve been hooked up to a consciousness infusing IV and I am receiving new downloads non stop, as if my very life depended on it. It’s intense, but at the same time it feels amazing. I feel as though I’ve been swimming for a very long time and I am finally reaching a resting point. As I raise my head I realize (remember) that my life has changed drastically over the past 2 years, and almost nothing in it is the same.

Oh I live in the same house, and my partner and my kids are okay, I’m still alive against some serious odds, and all is basically well. But this world I’m living in is not the same one it was when I was diagnosed with Cancer in September 2011. It’s been a wild whirlwind since then, and now, at this moment, I have changed so much because I understand the value of my life more than ever, and I cherish what I do, and more importantly, that I AM able to do it.

My Dad is gone, my daughter, my baby, is off to college on Sunday, I am shedding that weight I carried around for all my life very rapidly and easily now, and all I really can focus on is my relationship with my higher Self and my well being. I guess that’s good. It’s just very different. I would say I don’t know how I got here, but of course I do. I faced my own death – TWICE – to be able to be here, and I honestly would not change one iota of what I’ve been through. I am profoundly grateful for all of it.

And now it is time to get on with life. . . the NEW life. This part of it is all about manifesting a world we truly wish to live in. This is why I AM grateful. I know what I would love to create, and I AM ready to create it.

I am sure that each of you, in your own way, has been through a similar two years. Maybe you were fortunate enough not to have to face death itself to get it. I have always been pretty thick-headed that way. We have all been (or are currently going through in some cases) the crucifixion and the resurrection that are the 4th and 5th initiations on THE spiritual path. You all know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, just please, take a moment and look more closely at your life…

It’s amazing, isn’t it? If you’re still struggling and down in the dumps, please consider working with me or one of my facilitators on the Cosmic Path of Initiations. It’s been 5 years and it has helped everyone who has taken the journey. It can help you to clear away the issues that prevent you from ascending, and it can facilitate your expansion into your higher Self.

Come and join my Satsang next Wednesday, and the first Wednesday of every month, to join with like-hearted people who are the new community. In the new 5D, Love is the law, and we can all support each other when we join together to focus on a single topic.

It is time to begin to live your life in a newer, more unified way. We are all one. We need each other to remember that now, and the more often we are reminded the better.

The Moon is void all day today and there are only two very subtle aspects made by the Moon all day. That’s pretty rare. There are almost no aspects today at all, and a totally void Moon. There are, however two important Mercury aspects, an opposition to Chiron and a semisextile to Uranus. There will also be a Sun Saturn sextile, part of the Grand Merkaba, inside this void, after midnight tomorrow. That’s a whole lot of major planetary activity for an all void day.

Mercury connecting with both Chiron and Uranus symbolizes the activation of the rainbow bridge, the connection between the lower and higher Self. All the downloads of the past few days can be very useful now, as long as don’t TRY to make anything happen. The void Moon is strictly for feminine progress. ALLOW it all to come to you, and this can be a most amazing day.

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.”

– Richard Bach

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