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  • Moon in Leo
  • Moon enters Virgo: 6:43am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 6:43am
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate
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  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate

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Next Satsang will be TONIGHT, Wednesday September 4th at 7pm EDT and the topic will be How To Love Your Self Better
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The Moon moves into Virgo at 6:45am EDT, and we enter the dark of the Moon. We will be in this still expectant place all day, until 7:36am tomorrow morning, when he Virgo New Moon occurs. Virgo is a very important sign in the new Cosmic Consciousness system… it is the sign of the Divine Mother, and it is the progenitor of the Christed Self in each of us. In other words, the Virgo portion of our consciousness is the place where we learn to nurture and love our Selves so well that the higher Self is born. You could say that Virgo is the place where the higher Self gestates. We heal, we align, we work on making our Selves whole here, and eventually the higher Self emerges out of the unity consciousness we achieve.

What a great back drop for my Satsang tonight on How to Love your Self Better. Please sign up for it and join me at 7pm tonight (EDT). After all, we all need to Love our Selves better, no matter how good we are at it. In a way, that is what Virgo is all about. Personal Mastery… becoming more and more excellent at whatever we are doing. Take some time today to contemplate your capacity for self-nurturing, and consider how you might get better and better at it.

The Sun has just spent a few days recalibrating itself (and therefore our personal individuality) to a brand new level, AND it has added its power to the Grand Merkaba, that is STILL not quite finished manifesting its magical energies into our lives. It’s important to remember that the Sun is currently in an exact polarity with the Galactic Center, which is a major black hole that is creating a huge electromagnetic anomaly that we are not at all accustomed to. That intense opposition made the solar polar shift this time around much more intensive than it has been before.

I believe we majorly underestimate the power of this electromagnetic pull that is affecting our Sun right now. I was sent an article by a faithful reader yesterday that stated that scientists have discovered that Venus is slowing down on its axis. The same article states that the same thing is happening to the earth. It goes on to list a number of theories that scientists have about why this might be happening, but I think they are overlooking the very obvious… A huge electromagnetic pull on the Sun of our solar system is likely affecting ALL the planets in a similar way. And this is yet another thing that just IS, and unless we want to imbue it with major fear, it means nothing, it’s just an indicator of what’s going on. (Thank you OW)…

I was thinking yesterday also about this polar shift of the Sun that we only just learned happens every 11 years. I personally have never heard that before, has anyone of you? Anyway, it makes magnificent sense out of life cycles that never did have a reason before… Think about what happened to you in your life in these years: 2013, 2002, 1991, 1980, 1969, 1958… Now those years may not be exact, but they will reveal major life altering changing tides that affected us all, each in our own way. While these were collectively changing times, they will also be very individual, because the Sun is involved.

With the Sun contributing so powerfully to this second Grand Merkaba, more than magical things are taking place. These are intense, and many are having a hard time. Just know that when it feels difficult, you are in a fear based mode, and you need to become aware of it, and move to your heart center. It is truly that simple. The more deeply buried in your fear you are, the more complicated it will seem, but in truth it is never really complicated. The Truth is always very simple.

I hope to see you later tonight. The Mp3 of tonight’s Satsang will be available for purchase (and immediate download) right here on the home page and if you go and visit the store, you can purchase my other Satsangs as well.

Enjoy the Virgo vibration today.

“No one can create negativity or stress within you. Only you can do that by virtue of how you process your world.”

– Wayne Dyer

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