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  • Moon in Scorpio: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 9:9 Star Gate
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate

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What a week lies ahead. The energy of the Grand Merkaba is still holding, though it will dissipate as the week wears on… and a new wave of energy will take over, this one very different, but possibly the most essential piece yet that allows for our transition into full 5D living. The 9: Star Gate today holds the energy of completion, and we will definitely feel the old start to fall away and a whole new pattern set in. The New Moon in Virgo last Thursday was the actual kick off point for this new phase, but like every new Moon, the still, fallow energy makes it hard to know just what’s going on. It isn’t till a little sprout happens that we being to understand the energy we’re in. And that sprout appears today, in a very big way.

Mars, ruler of the physical body in this new paradigm, is very active this week. He squares Saturn today, squares the Moon’s Nodes later this week, and ultimately squares Venus as well, as a part of this T-Square that dominates the cosmos right up to the Equinox next Sunday. Mars will also form a Finger of God this week with Pluto and Chiron, also manifesting over the course of the entire week, and he will make an all-important trine to Uranus on Saturday as well.

All this Mars activity reveals the call to a new kind of action on our parts. A new alignment of the physical with the rest of our being is in order. It’s interesting then, that this realignment comes at the same time that Mercury, ruler of the mental body, changes signs and moves into Libra, AND Venus, ruler of the emotional body, changes signs and moves into Scorpio. These two rulers of Mind and Heart will share space in the Libra mansion for two days this week, (Monday through Wednesday), before each takes on a whole new calibration process with the outer planets.

We are realigning with our higher Selves at a fast and furious rate right now, largely because we have to be ready to take up residence in the new world in just a few short days. Now of course this doesn’t mean we need to be perfect, nor does it mean we need to be complete, but whatever is standing between you and the world you most wish to live still needs clearing, and the energies this week provide all the opportunity we need to do just that… clear it all away.

This Mars Saturn square today brings old karmic patterns back to life. This could come in the form of an old adversary, a loved one you’ve had difficulties with in the past, or your own inner demons showing up one more time. Whenever Saturn is involved, the need is to be responsible to your most authentic Self, to be true to you, no matter how those old scenarios make you feel, even in a replay. Do not allow your Self to be diminished in the face of an old insult. Do not allow another’s opinion of you (which is only a disguised opinion of themselves) to divert your attention from your own heart centered beliefs.

Old karmic patterns have a way of deterring us from our evolutionary path, but we have all learned enough at this point to see to it that doesn’t happen. This Mars Saturn square is just the beginning of a week of important ‘face your Self and stand in your Truth no matter what’ energies. What you do with this initial face to face with your past demons will determine to a great extent how you handle the rest of it.

Just remember it ends with a Venus Saturn North Node conjunction, which means that the way you’re able to value your Self is all that matters in the end. There is nothing that matters more in this new world than Loving your Self. And what happens this week is going to show each and every one of us why that is so.

Stay tuned.

“Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible.”

– Cherie-Carter Scotts

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