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I have been asked by a long time faithful reader to talk to you about how I am moving through all the loss I have sustained this year (and actually for the last two years). She says that she is also going through a lot of grief and loss, and is wondering about the astrology and anything I might be able to offer about how to move through this process. This is a very juicy topic and I am happy to address it (thank you AVS)…

I think that most of us are going through much loss, though some perceive it as a new beginning, which helps. Of course, all loss IS ending that yields new beginning, and once we fully embrace that truth, it becomes clear that attitude, or perspective, is everything. Without the capacity to focus on the positive in any situation, including the most dire, there is little hope of having the joyful ride that is promised and available to all of you. If you are struggling with grief, or endings, you are not letting go, and that is going to cause suffering. I don’t mean that as a judgment, there are certain people places and things that we are more attached to than others, and they become harder to get past. But these are also our greatest opportunities to do just that, learn to let go, because once something is gone from your life, there is always going to be something new to take its place, just as soon as you can let it in.

When something goes, it is gone… there is nothing to change an ending like death or divorce or loss of job or whatever you’re facing. When I lost my breast to cancer early two years ago, I reveled in being able to be healthy again. I had a reconstruct right on the table and looked at it as though I had a long desired breast reduction and a tummy tuck. (My new breast was fashioned from stomach tissue).. I do look better than ever. I could ever see any sense in lamenting over the situation. I was fortunate. That’s how I looked at it.

When I nearly lost my life last December because my kidneys failed completely, I decided to look death in the eye and make a decision about whether I had it in me to heal. The doctors said it wasn’t possible without a transplant, and they told me I couldn’t have one for four years because of the cancer. They placed me on dialysis and said it would be that way, probably for the rest of my life. I truly faced my feelings. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. At first I thought I would just let go.. I felt I had made something of a contribution with my life and I worked toward letting go of anything I was attached to.

But somewhere along the line I realized I had a reason to be here. And once that became clear to me, there was no turning back. I realized it was time to walk my talk, to step into the way of life I teach and advocate, and so I did. It took me 8 weeks to get off the dialysis and another 8 weeks or so to come all the way back to perfect health. I learned so much from all that marching I did, about the power of our thoughts and the truth about health and wellness.

I lost my beloved Dad last June 25th. I talked a lot about that while it was happening. I used to be terrified of losing my father, but when the moment came, I felt the perfection of it all, saw the blessing I had been given to have had such a wonderful father for 61 years, and I let him go, though I miss his laughter and kindness every day. I am working to integrate his gift for loving unconditionally into my life. He made me. It’s in here somewhere.

My daughter, my baby, left for college two weeks ago. I miss her every day, though she is staying close, calling every day… She’s having a hard time, missing home, and it is tempting to let her quit and come home, but who would that serve? My daughter is a beautiful girl who still has plenty of growing up to do. I never had a better opportunity to do that than when I had my own college experience. And I understand I have to leave her to it. I revel in seeing each little growth process she goes through.

I did a six week cleanse that ended at the end of August, and now I am on a new eating plan that is healthy and clean. As within so without. While there is plenty of sorrow around Britt’s decision to leave, I understand that this is my reflection. A clearing of the old is a clearing of the old. I let it all go. And everything has changed for the better already.

So you see, sadness and grief are important as long as we don’t identify with them. Feel the feelings, but refuse to say I AM that feeling. Say instead, I AM BRAND NEW, and wait for the dust to settle so that the newness can make itself apparent.

Mercury forms a Finger of God with Chiron and the Moon’s South Node today. This seems to point to a capacity to think in new and healing ways, IF we choose it. This is clearly a very karmic moment, meaning that the choices we make about Love or Fear based approached can take us out of an ancient cycle or send us around one more time for another chance to get it right.

Choose to Love your Self above all and the rest is a piece of cake.

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.
When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.
Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.”

– Paulo Coelho

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