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  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 9:9 tar Gate
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This is a very important day, in the scheme of things. It’s a 9:9 Star Gate, meaning the keys and codes that help us move through the ending of the old and the beginning of the new are available to us all day long. The Pisces Moon is building to the Full Moon event, which occurs tomorrow morning at 7:13am EDT. That means we will be feeling the emotionality amping up notch by notch all day long. When we remember that we are in the Piscean mansion, the limitless field, the place where we can expand into anything at any moment, it can be a magical experience. But ONLY if we can feel free enough to just BE, exactly as we are.

That’s where today’s Venus Saturn conjunction comes in. Venus Saturn is ALWAYS about self-esteem and the willingness to step up into one’s true worth. In the new consciousness, Venus is the ruler of the heart center and the emotional body, and Saturn is the inner Guru, the most authentic teacher, that guides us perfectly toward the most evolved version of our Selves we can achieve. In 5D, Saturn has nothing to do with fear, restrictions, or outer authority. It’s all about the permission you give your Self to BE your Self.

This Venus Saturn conjunction today is part of a bigger event that is taking place. Later today Venus will sextile Pluto, and Saturn is just about to do the same (for the third time) on Saturday. Tomorrow Venus will conjoin with the Moon’s North Node, giving our hearts access to our evolved selves. Saturn will connect with the Nodes on September 26th. And, lest we forget, this entire picture was kicked off last week when Mars squared Saturn and then the Nodes, and Venus as well. Those Mars squares kicked off the intense time we are having right now, causing the inner struggles and the ultimate surfacing of those old, core fear based reactions we thought we had gotten past a while ago.

All of this is happening inside a full Moon event, making us acutely emotionally aware of the shift we are moving through, and most importantly, Pluto is stationing, and since he such an intrinsic part of this planetary picture that is taking each of us personally to a new level of sovereignty, and since his is the slowest moving of all the planets (or planetoids as the case may be) involved, everything that Pluto stands for… i.e., Rebirth, Resurrection, Entry into the new Consciousness, and the bigger picture… is REALLY what this is all about.

Venus’s involvement makes it personal. Saturn’s involvement makes it social (interpersonal). Pluto’s involvement makes it collective. And the Nodes’ involvement makes it multidimensional. And all on the Full Moon/Equinox that covers the Aries point, the Alpha and Omega, the end and the beginning. It doesn’t get any bigger, or more life-altering, than this.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 9 Scorpio, where the Venus/Saturn/North Node conjunction is occurring over the next few days. This passage is reprinted with Ellias’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Scorpio 9: A hand with six fingers.

”It is an emergency. It is a crisis. It is entirely intense and demanding. Something is happening here which will not stop and which changes everything.

In many ways, it’s a disaster. We are feeling too much in too many directions at once. We don’t have a container, a frame of reference, past experience. All we know is this sensation of something bursting through that will not stop. We’ve gotta let it happen. We have no choice.

But what a relief when we can even let one further layer of it through. For a while, it’s such an astounding reality to be in. For we are in touch with hidden things, greater things. And they are to us a sensation, a direct sense experience. We feel and know the hidden worlds as right here now all through us.

Yet then again it starts. The evolutionary force wants to come through here and we are in the way. Gotta go deeper again and surrender further. Takes quite some doing. Meanwhile so much agony having so little to do with externals, with anything you could define or name.

When we are chosen to carry and bear something previously unknown, our burden is heavy and our capacity to wild forces and energies is very bright and multi-dimensional. We just have to get through the perpetual and destiny crisis. For we are entering a territory where we can’t expect people to be big enough to encompass our field of expression.

We are intended to embody the missing piece, the forgotten element. Perhaps we carry in us, in our blood, our cells, a whole different way of being, something which can never be made easy and comfortable. Thank the Gods!”

“There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”
– Bruce Lee

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