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  • Moon in Aries: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 9:25pm - Midnight
  • PLUTO STATION: 11:21am
  • PLUTO TURNS DIRECT: 8 Capricorn 59
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate
  • Hidden 2:2 Star Gate

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The Full Moon yesterday seemed to take the new multidimensional energies we are experiencing and make them dance, like the ripples that result when still water is disturbed by another force moving through it. The limitless nature of this new world we are in was made evident, and hopefully many of us will carry that realization forward as we end one chapter and begin another of this most important changing year in the human story.

The weekend ahead marks the turning of the page that ends this most recent, life altering leg of our journey and opens up the next with the Fall Equinox. The end and the beginning, the alpha and omega, is a theme that is running through everything right now, beginning with the Full Moon yesterday at 27 Pisces, crossing the World Axis and the 0 Aries point in preparation for the Sun’s ingress into Libra, activating the Relationship axis, the experience of the mirrored Self on a collective level. 0 Cardinal is always related to a collective new beginning.

That all of this happens while Venus/Saturn and the North Node come together in a perfect sextile to Pluto, is yet another expression of the new energies coming together. This major sextile is part of the Grand Merkaba that activated a month ago, (it is triggering it again), and the energies are revealing the fabric of the new world we are moving into. New beginnings that come out of some very old patterns are manifesting right here, and doorways we didn’t know were there are popping up like magic.

A lot of what we are feeling is amplified by Pluto’s station, which occurs today. That Pluto is giving the Venus/Saturn/North Node conjunction its disposition is no small matter. Pluto is also just about exactly sextiling Saturn for the last time this year, completing that very magical mutual reception energy (though the mutual reception continues for another year), reverberating the sextile manifestation energy repeatedly. Pluto is also pretty much right in the middle of his 7 part square from Uranus, the big picture dynamic that is changing everything from old to new.

Pluto’s station today changes the direction of everything definitively. It feels a lot like the shifting of the solar poles, (which by the way is not completed yet, but it’s coming). When Pluto turns around, the direction of the entire big picture energetic reverses itself. In this case, it is turning around and facing forward again. Everything we have been through since March (or more accurately, revisiting since then), will now be more solidly in alignment with the new consciousness.

Pluto is the slowest planet in our solar system, (well, that’s not true any more, but it is the slowest body we have been able to incorporate into our mainstream (solar system) consciousness, for now, and as such it moves with it the biggest wave of energy. This is the ultimate turning of the wave we’ve been building all year. We have cleared as much ancient debris (karma) as we can, and it is launch time.

What follows is Ellis Lonsdale’s meditation for 9 Capricorn, the degree of Pluto’s station today… It is reprinted from his book Star Sparks, with his kind permission.. (Now here’s a familiar visual):

Capricorn 9: A woman washes a man’s feet and dries them with her hair.

”The better part is to sense acutely where the true spirit is calling and to sense that call with a consummate self-abandon. It goes far beyond martyrdom and the psychological disturbance we have learned to shy away from in this direction. For this is the real and ultimate giving self over to the source, to the Master, to everything that is sacred and worth being intimately at one with, no matter what the cost.

The power of this stance is so great that it has to be humbling and sobering, understated on the outside and entirely lived out from deep within. We can’t get literal with this kind of thing. It is staggering in it’s wave of influence and impact and setting a tone and showing how it is meant to be done.

For we are chosen, solicited carefully to serve the highest from a clear true place inside. And we are able to fulfill this ultimate level as simply who we are and what we care about. We are closer here to the spirit realms than to outward humanity. And we bear this message, this pervasive symbolic ritual dynamism, best expressed as an embodied action of a simple kind..

What counts is to be selflessly yielded up to that which is the hope of the world and is something you can touch, feel, meet in the physical and in the ethers of the planet. It is to know the purpose of existence implicitly. It is to serve and to give, to sustain and to offer, just because that is who we really are inside.

When we do manifest the selfless self in daily life, we are starting a revolution. The very best part is that once you get to this place, you are able to be in any and every place, all-embracing, simply there.”

“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve…. You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. ”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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