• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Gemini
  • Moon enters Cancer: 3:24pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 7:21am – 3:24pm
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate
  • Hidden 8:8 Star Gate

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It seems the combination of Pluto stationing to go direct and all the Scorpio activity (that is going to continue through to mid-December) has been wreaking havoc in some lives. Well, the truth is, it is kind of disruptive to all of us, but some are staying neutral more efficiently than others. That is not a judgment, it isn’t good or bad, right or wrong, but like everything else, it just IS. If you’re one of those people who feels like you’re going through hell, listen up. That feeling you have is the result of what you BELIEVE you’re going through. If you want to change your experience, change your thoughts about it.

This is not news. You’ve heard it all before. I am hearing from so many of you asking how you’re supposed to be neutral when you’re going through such hard circumstances? Well, for starters, eliminate words like HARD from your vocabulary. We all understand intellectually what is meant by remain neutral, but too many of us consider that to be a state that is too far from where we are. I tell you, you are already there.

Suspend your attachments to whatever you still believe you can’t live without. (Some think they can’t live without an abusive partner, or cigarettes, or a job that is robbing them of their health)… Just because you don’t know what’s on the other side of the leap into the unknown, doesn’t mean you won’t survive. You will not only survive, you will be much better for liberating your Self from whatever has been holding you back.

Even those of you who are doing really well right now know what I’m talking about. Life is not easy here in the via combusta. BUT: it is what it is, nothing more, nothing less, nothing ELSE. It’s time we stopped judging our lives and worse, our SELVES for the lives we perceive, and start CREATING the lives we want with our brilliant, very conscious minds. WE ALL HAVE ONE.

Those who are feeling more liberated than ever have moved beyond understanding the concept of centered neutrality and are LIVING it. Getting it intellectually is the same as watching someone else living your dream. It feels as if you may never get there. Start with the affirmation (read: thought) that you are already there, but you don’t know it yet. Say that to yourself over and over again till you start to BELIEVE it. You will. This is the mechanism of Creation. Whatever you say you are, when you say I AM, you create that reality.

You have said I AM sad, or mad, or upset, or too weak, or too incapable, so many times already today, that if you were fully aware of it you would start right this second to think different thoughts. You create what you say you are every single moment.

The Gemini Moon goes void at 7:24am EDT and enters Cancer at 3:24pm. Venus trines Jupiter today at around 5pm EDT. Every astrologer on earth will tell you that this is the best aspect there is. So what happens when the most benevolent planetary connection occurs in the middle of your intensely hellacious drama?

I’ll tell you what: you MISS it. What you focus on becomes your world. Focus on the hard stuff and life is hard. Focus on your higher Self and life is filled with magic Open up and let this Venus Jupiter trine bring you the gifts you deserve. You’ve been fighting and struggling for too long. Everyone has something good coming to them. Will you turn from your suffering long enough to receive what’s yours?

If you do, you may never have to suffer again.

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”

-Robert Schuller

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