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Next Satsang will be NEXT Tuesday, October 1st at 7pm EDT (due to a scheduling conflict) and the topic is Physical Pain and What To Do With It. We’re all dealing with some kind of pain. Join me for a major discussion about the why, when and what of physical discomfort… Send your issues to me via email or in the registration portion of the teleconference sign up…

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These Scorpio energies are SO intense. No matter how centered we get, the Scorpio energies will swoop in and take us from the center to an extreme, and it becomes our job to get back to the center again. Since we are in this via combusta passage for the long haul this Fall, we really need to adapt to this tendency toward extremism, in order to be prepared for it whenever it pops up.

Last night I was sleeping fairly comfortably, more so than usual, when at exactly 4am I awoke having some kind of intense seizure. I have had this once before, in the middle of the chemotherapy zap I was given last April 22 to ‘kill’ the autoimmune issue I had developed. I was freezing and shaking uncontrollably, and in a lot of physical pain. SO much pain I couldn’t get up. I texted my partner, who was asleep in the living room, but he didn’t answer. I called my son, who I NEW would be up and out, and he came running home (in 5 minutes) with 4 friends in tow. They all piled into my bedroom, my partner included, while we decided whether I should go to the ER or not.

I was in agony. I had been uncomfortable for a day or two, like I had allergies, which I don’t have. I took an antihistamine 2 days ago, which I never take, and it made me feel horrible.. Then this. I was very scared. They told me when I had that chemo zap that it would last 6 months and then we would see if the autoimmune issue was gone. There was plenty of fear present that the chemo wore off and the issue was back

I slept a couple of fitful hours, till 7am, called my chemo doc, who was on vacation till next week. I called my regular internist, who sent me for blood work, to be sure my levels were normal. Then I called the doc who is my nutritionist, and he called me back and said he felt I was detoxing from that very toxic chemo, and that is often what happens, we feel the same symptoms we have when we went through it. It was as if the clouds parted and the heavens appeared. All the fear dissipated. It is about 2 hours later now, and I feel 90% better.

These physical ailments, pains, and stresses are part and parcel of the shift we are undertaking. Today is the Venus Mars square, which is a big part of that Scorpio stellium picture we’ve been in for more than a week. This square offers the stepping stone out of the old physical paradigm and into a new, much more heart centered one. It is important, even in the middle of intensive pain and suffering (Physical, mental or emotional), to remember your heart in the center of it all and that everything is perfect, even when it feels SO bad.

The Nodes are involved here, which means we are shedding ancient karmic patterns. Mercury moves into Scorpio tomorrow, for a nice long stay, a retrograde, and participation in a solar eclipse. There’s a lot to learn and understand about this part of our consciousness, this Scorpio mansion, where the new world, the physical world, will be created.

Please join me for my Satsang on Tuesday, all about physical pain and what to do with it. It’s an important topic at this time, and I hope to see you all there.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Meade

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